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Anuradha Bernard

I am living with Internet and computers around 16 years. I started my love with computers in 2004. I got my personal computer in late 2006. Today, 9th of November 2020, I am writing this blog as a fresh start to my blogging life. I don’t like sharp and scheduled life. But, I am trying my best to share something everyday on this blog. My website www.anuradhabernard.com is getting nearly no visitors. I can actually rate it as zero views website. I had many great website and I have given up most of them. Currently work on my own name branding.

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Youtube Logo – Worst year to start a Youtube career

I am happy to share my Youtube channel status on my first blog. Youtube Channel does have 157 subscribers and 37 videos. It was started in 2012 and refreshed on Jan 2020 which is worst year to start a Youtube channel. nearly 3000+ views till today.

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facebook logo – My facebook is active than anything <3 as I love facebook

Let me share the status of my facebook page. 1045 likes and 1119 Followers.

It is very hard to stick with one common subject as a vlogger and it is my deepest weakness. I am kind of so boring person or just wanted to touch everything that I believe as trending. Or just I am against to the current on trend.

Last but not least, I am a kind of Western, Liberal, Democratic and Christianity Believing religious person if you don’t mind. If you continue to read my stuff and you are requested to tolerate my view in political and religious matters. But, trust me I am tolerating diversity and diverse cultural values until they are not threatening to my Christian belief. Actually I am Roman Catholic as I believe One Roman Catholic Church and the leadership of Pope in Vatican. Trust me I am not a good one. I am a bad boy after all.

Currently Living in Sri Lanka and I don’t want to live here. looking for migrate.

That’s all for today, See you tomorrow.


12:30 am IST (09/11/2020)

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