Why I like the sound of religion


Anuradha Bernard

I believe, many of you read this won’t religious. But I am a good (I have doubt about my character ? 🙂 ) Roman Catholic. Since my childhood, I got used to multi ethnic and multi cultural society as I lived in Sri Lanka. When it comes to my home town, it s widely diverse than many part of Sri Lanka. In Hill country it so complex to explain.

In every morning and evening, I can hear the sound of religion. Sharp 6:00 am, not much sounds, air is much supportive to travel the sound. nearly 1 kilometer distance from our Roman Catholic church; St Mary’s Church to my home. Most of time, I can hear the morning bell. Before that around 4-5 am in morning. Prayers of Mosque can be heard. And some of Hindu Temple too.

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St mary’s church Nawalapitiya

The Most beautiful thing can be heard in the Morning. Most cool evenings with fair sunlight are so romantic. I love that evenings even today. I always love to hear the prayers of Mosques and after that the chanting of Buddhist Temples. At last, 6 pm bells of church.

Now I am in a different part of region. So, now I can only hear Mosque and Buddhist Temple. But, still love those religious sounds in cool windy and sunny evenings. I don’t like summer. But, Autumn and Winter do have those beautiful evenings.

Today, it’s a tired day. Covid19 reported 46 deaths yet in Sri Lanka. I can’t make any videos as I am stuck at home. I have immediate expectations. I want to create great content for Youtube and Facebook. And I want to migrate from Sri Lanka to somewhere in North o Earth. Europe is my perfect destination to live in. But, covid19 has destroyed many hopes. But I pray everyday to see a miracle as it’s almost impossible to migrate to Europe in next couple of years.


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