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Are you looking for The Cheapest way to see mount Everest? You are in the right place for find a clue. Let’s see how we see Everest with a small budget and without any trekking. If there is someone who has walking difficulties, this is a perfect option for them. Make sure to bring your own nice binocular and your biggest zooming lens.

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Mount Everest

It is a privilege to see The Rooftop of Earth in this lifetime. Before getting into the easy and affordable way,
Let’s talk the hard way first and then I will tell you the easy and cheapest way.

There might be much better ways. But here I am sharing the best bet without mountaineering skills, without a big budget and even for anyone who might have some difficulties or special needs.

The Death Zone is more deadly as it has some big traffic of human.

The Everest Mountain Peak is about 8,849 meters or 29,000 feet high.
And if you get there, you will feel extreme cold about -36 Celcius.
So, getting there is a dream for the majority. Even It is very expensive and many of us won’t be able to afford it.
Since 1922, many climbers reached their end of life in Everest. Yes. More than 300 people died there while trekking.

This is the death zone traffic. If we can control the number of people allow here, will be able to save lives. Waiting is dangerous.

But still we want to see it. Isn’t it? The reason for those deaths are vary from fitness to weather.
Physical fitness and health will play as a huge barrier, even you got lot of money. You need to prepare and it takes years.

If you want to climb this mountain, it will cost at least 35,000 US Dollars or more.
And you need excellent fitness and health status with extreme skills of mountain climbing.
And you hire a large group of people to assist you and it takes a lot of time to prepare and do itself.
Everest is the border to Nepal and China. Both countries do have some control over it.
If you go by Nepal which is Southside, it will cost around 11k US Dollars just for a permit.
And Tibetians are so reasonable to charge just 8k US Dollars per permit.

Ladder of death. You have to walk on this to reach summit of Everest.

Camping tents, warm clothes, portable oxygen supplies, mountain climbing equipment and porters are needed.

If you can spend about 3,500 US Dollars or more with some minor mountain climbing skils
you can see Everest from Kala Patthar. It is a very close view and you need to climb to Kala Patthar peak.
*I will bring you the story of it at another time. Today, it’s the time for the very easy way

Besides those options, We are offering a very competitive and affordable way to see Everest without any
climbing skills or hard things. Even differently able people can enjoy the view.

Let’s see the best bet to see the Everest without much hassle
Even this method, you need some time, money and effort to make this dream come true.

This will cost around 160 US Dollars beyond.

This is about Nagarkot Everst View Point in Kathmandu Valley. Not very far from Nepal’s Capital.

If you can, try to get a better view of Everest by trekking to nearby view point than Nagarkot.

You can arrive in Kathmandu from your origin city and you can stay in Kathmandu for very cheap hotel rates.
Friendly locals will help you to find a good place to stay or book online. Get up early around 3 am and
arrange a pre-booked car to go to Everest viewpoint at least 4 am in the morning. You will take only 1-hour bumpy
ride to get there. Just 24 km away from Kathmandu International Airport.

If you choose the right time in the year, you will see Mount Everest the majestic rooftop our world about 200 miles
away. You need to visit this area in March or April the best Spring days or October, November colourful autumn days.

You cannot visit this area in heated summer as rain show up in June, July months.

In addition, there are some surrounding hotels close the view point. You can choose to stay in those hotels as well.

So, if you got a time to visit Nepal, you should not miss this easy opportunity to give it try.
I should remind this again that You need to see Everest once in your lifetime and you deserve it.

Hello Friends… It’ Anuradha Bernard
Thanks for reading and share this with your friends
The moral of this story is “There is always a way to get there”.
So do not give up your dreams that easily.
When I write this article, I felt that I am going to Nagarkot.

Watch my Everest video below and do not forget to visit my YouTube channel and subscribe to it.

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