Did you see this Weird Dolphin Shape Aircraft?

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Is this weird shape aircraft A Dolphin or A Beluga Whale?

Airbus Beluga during the 2000 ILA air show in Berlin Image taken by Darkone and released under cc-by-sa 2.0 de Uploaded to de wiki by Darkone: November 15, 2004

Have you ever seen this Dolphin shape ( Beluga Whale Aircraft ) aircraft that is going viral on social media? I guess you did. Many of you might think that it is an April fool or edited fake photograph. Trust me, it is very real. And it is not Dolphin and It’s a whale. Let me bring you the full story of this whale-shaped weird-looking giant aircraft.

This Whale shape airliner goes viral again and again. Recently their updated version was launched and it will be going viral again. This project history dated back to the 1970s. The major purpose of this project is to enable maximized cargo space for air transport. So the project was targeting to use every possible space available in aerodynamic and physics parameters.

The first exactly whale shape first aircraft was introduced at the end of 1994 and the aircraft was introduced to
service in 1995. The aircraft was developed from Airbus 300 family. And Airbus A300-600ST was the official name.
The aircraft was copying the shape of the Beluga Whale.

Who is Beluga Whale?

In this Feb. 28, 2015 file photo, a visitor views a beluga whale at the Mystic Seaport Aquarium, in Mystic, Conn. :: Photo credit: Gregory Payan via AP,File) Associated Press

#Beluga #Whales are small whale family members. Very similar looking to Dolphins but they are not dolphins.
Beluga Whales are extremely social and they are really friendly with humans. Some say they are the Canaries in Sea. Beluga Whales are living near arctic and sub-arctic seas. #BelugaWhale

The Old series of aircraft

This Beluga aircraft can transport around 47,000 kg of cargo with its huge cargo compartment. Operated with a twin-engine. The operating ceiling is 35,000 ft. The flying range is 2779 km non-stop with 40 tonnes payload and 4632 km with 26 tonnes payload. Aircraft can fly with its cruising speed of 0.7 march. Nearly two-thirds of the speed of sound.

With these heavy-duty performances, it only required 2 crew members to operate. In past, older aircraft required three crew members. Captain, Co-Pilot and a Flight Engineer. Nowadays, no flight engineer is present in flight. Instead, two pilots are more than enough to handle large airliners.

As I said earlier, the whale shape airliner shows up over the internet as its newest version has been launched.

The New Buddy

Photo Credit: S. Ramadier – © Airbus

Airbus Beluga XL launched in January 2020. The world is shuttering with the Pandemic, passengers transportation is getting different challenges day by day. But the Cargo transportation is booming with high demands for essential goods, relief aids and medical supplies. So, the AIrbus Beluga XL was the right project at the right time.

Recently we heard that the CEO of Qatar Airways said in an interview with Sam Chui, Airbus A380 was a great aircraft. But it was the wrong aircraft at the wrong time. That’s why I thought to quote its counterpart for Beluga by the same manufacturer. As it is being said that way, Emirates has promised to continue their Airbus A380 project with the high demand of passengers.

Anyway, Beluga is a great investment. Let’s See how Beluga XL is expanding the service capacity. This aircraft is based on Airbus A330 and the newcomer is called officially Airbus A330-743L. The new Larger cargo hold can be packed with a 50,500 kg payload. Cruising speed of 0.69 march at a service ceiling of 35,000 ft.
Service Range is so efficient with a max payload of up to 4,300 km.

As per Airbus said New Beluga XL is 30% bigger by cargo hold when compared with Beluga ST the older one. When we talk about the air freighting business, capacity is the key factor. According to the aviation news reports, Airbus is about to phase out Airbus Beluga ST in 2021. So far 5 Beluga XL aircraft in commercial services since January 2020 and another 6 will be added to the service by 2023.
New Beluga XL can carry 2 wings of Airbus A350 sporty handy aircraft. In the old model, Beluga ST could carry 1 wing of A350. It is clearly showing up the capacity development of the New XL project.

World’s Biggest Aircraft is a cargo aircraft

Photo credit: Myroslav Kaplun via Wikipedia

There was a race. And there is a still race to build a large cargo aircraft back in the 60s. When the Soviet Union was one country, they built the giant monster aircraft Antonov 225-Mriya which is the recording hold largest aircraft in human history. It is holding the record since 1988 and no one could build another big one as big as 225-Mriya.

It was owned by Ukraine and it was destroyed by Russia during 2022-Ukraine-Russia War.

It is 6 engine massive cargo aircraft and even the Soviets could be built just one. Not only that the Airbus company’s biggest competitor Boeing has built another weird looking cargo plane called Dreamlifter.

The Dreamlifter is officially the Boeing 747-400 LCF (Large Cargo Freighter). It serves only to transport Boeing 787 aircraft components. The 787 is known as the Dreamliner (and it is one of the most innovative planes of the 21st century, it really is more comfortable to fly in one).

That’s why it’s called this cargo plane is called the Dreamlifter.

Boeing_747-409LCF_Dreamlifter.jpgscott wright
derivative work: Altair78 (talk)

The Dreamlifter is a specially modified version of a 747-400 jumbo jet, and there are only four of them in existence. The main hold is 7 meters from floor to ceiling and from wall to wall, and 30 meters long, giving it the largest aircraft cargo area in the world, according to Boeing’s official report in the early 2020s.

As I said earlier, these massive Whale shaped aircraft was built to carry Aircraft parts. Not only our hero Beluga XL but also many other big cargo jets are made for transport very big sized aircraft parts. Beluga aircraft also carry space crafts and parts of space programmes which is need safer and faster transport. NASA does have another weird shape aircraft to carry space shuttles and rockets. As you might already seen, NASA has used the Boeing 747 Queen of the Sky to carry space shuttle spacecraft above its fuselage.

NASA’s modified Boeing 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft with the Space Shuttle Endeavour on top lifts off to begin its ferry flight back to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Credits: NASA Photo

Because of these specific built purposes, these Whale shaped aircraft isn’t present at every airport. It has a very limited public presence. Due to this lack of presence, it is making trivia. Many people believed this is a photoshopped or fake aircraft. Even they have put eyes on aircraft. It is now looked like a smiling whale.

These aircraft are so attention makers. As you know, even pilots are so excited to see when they spot any sort of aircraft and we all love them. So this massive freaky looking aircraft is getting massive attention as much as Antonov 225-Mriya.

Have you ever seen this Beluga ST or New Beluga XL? Did you believe it is just a joke or fake? Have you ever taken a photo of it? Comment below and let everyone know. Share this amazing news to surprise your friends.

Stay with us to learn amazing tech and business stories like this.

Meanwhile, there was some news that said China is building massive aircraft as a part of their trade war. We are working on that to find out more information. We will bring you the very latest of it.

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