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Christmas Month Just started on Nov 28. But How?

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When is Christmas starting and ending? Let’s try to understand the starting and ending dates of the Christmas season.

Photo by Daniel Reche from Pexels
Photo by Daniel Reche from Pexels

The Christmas season is starting on the first Sunday of advent. In 2021, it’s the 28th of November 2021.

The Christmas season has two chapters. The first one is “The Advent” and the second one is “Christmas Time”. For the cultural need, Christmas has placed on 25th of December in Any year. Christmas time is ending on the 6th of January. So the 6th of January is the ending date and it is a nominal date like Christmas day.

Starting day will vary as it is counted as the fourth Sunday behind Christmas day. In other words, the last Sunday of November in each year.

So the Christmas Season is starting on the first Sunday of Advent. And it is the last Sunday of November or the fourth Sunday when the count reverses from the 25th of December.

It is also the first day of the Advent season. Advent season has four weeks or four Sundays just behind the 25th of December.

So the Christmas Season looks like this (Please carefully read the pie chart below)

  • First Sunday of Advent
  • Second Sunday of Advent
  • Third Sunday of Advent
  • Fourth Sunday of Advent
  • 25th of December in the same week
  • First Sunday after Christmas
  • Second Sunday after Christmas
  • 6th of January – The end of the Season

The first Sunday of Advent is the first Sunday of the Liturgical year of Catholics. Previous Sunday to it, Catholics celebrate the “Feast of Christ the King” to mark the end of a Liturgical year. For example 2020-2021 Catholic Liturgical year was ended last Sunday, the 21st of November. Today, the Sunday, 28th of November, Catholics started a new 2021-2022 liturgical year.

If someone is wondering to know the reason for choosing the 6th of January, out of nowhere to end the Christmas season, it has a historical fact behind it. When the World was practising Julian Calendar, it had 367 days. After the World switched to Georgian Calendar, now it’s just 365 days a year. 11 days went missing. As a result of that, Old Christmas day switched to the 6th of January, which was previously stayed in December month. So, the 6th of January is called Old Christmas.

The majority of Europe, Latin America, Mexico, United Kingdom, Ireland and Western Catholic practising Asian countries like the Philippines, Sri Lanka, India and most of the European influenced Catholic communities are celebrating three kings day on the 6th of January. Three kings day means the day which three wise men visited baby Jesus with valuable gifts and fragrance.

Especially in Western World, they celebrate 12 Days of Christmas from December 25 to the 6th of January. So, Christmas isn’t a one or two-day celebration, it’s a 12-day celebration.

When we should start to put Christmas decorations?

WIth the commercializing, Christmas colours are appearing from October to January every year across the World. Big companies like Coca-cola, pump millions of dollars to create heartwarming commercials to feel Christmas in a very different way than its common commercialized way. If you closely watched every year Coca-cola commercial, it appears around November and let your feel very emotional in their commercial.

From today itself, I am trying to create as much content related to Christmas over the season on this blog site, on Instagram and especially on my YouTube Channel. If you felt something special about my website, I request you to subscribe to my YouTube Channel and stay connected with me. I am really excited. This is my favourite season of the year, I will share my excitement at every signal moment throughout the season.

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