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10 Best Christmas Recipes to prepare early

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How to get ready for the Christmas season? What are the classic Christmas recipes that you can make ahead?

Photo by Maksim Goncharenok from Pexels

It’s the Holiday Season to some. If you are a normal human being, it’s the Christmas season. There are lots of traditional Christmas recipes that we can make early to get ready for Christmas. In ancient times, Christmas was the biggest celebration of any year. So, people prepared for it spiritually and mundanely. People celebrated the season with their full strength and effort. Today, we experience it less and we do have not that much cheer rather than having another ordinary month of our day-to-day boring schedule.

I will list down the most interesting things at the last to keep your curiosity to a better reading experience.

10. Pigs in blankets

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This is a traditional food that possibly originated in the 1600s among farmers. It was handy to eat meat wrapped up in the dough. Turkey is alone and this delicious side dish has the potential to get the attention of the dinner table with just taste! with dried fruit and mustard in classic pigs in blankets may Tis the Christmas dinner.  Freeze your sausages wrapped in streaky bacon. Bake till crackling and golden on the day, At the end of the dinner, you can choose the winner of the taste race. 

09. Bread Pudding

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The bread pudding possibly originated around the 11th-century and it became very famous in 13th-century Britain. origin was not that much luxurious as we see today. It is handy to prepare early and freeze this dessert to be ready for any meal during the peak holiday season. As per my grandma (Mrs Dorin Patricia Fonseka – daughter of an Irish woman), dates, chocolates, nuts, honey or maple syrup can be used on pudding. And my grandma never used any milk other than cow milk. So, I can’t be sure about your vegan choices. But you are free to use them at your own risk.

08. Pastieres

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Your place will be visiting kids very often in the season. It is not easy to satisfy kids. Not just kids, but even adults are also out of diet plans these days. So, it’s a perfect time to indulge every soul with crispy french pastries. It is not an easy task to prepare pastries from scratch every time that you need to. You can simply prepare a few sets of your pastries in a few flavours. And you can store them in the freezer in advance. During your rush hour, you can put them in the oven and you are good to go in minutes.

07. Christmas Cookies

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It’s the beauty of your colourful sweet buffet. But it requires a lot of effort. So, you can prepare early. lots of different shapes and colours are delightful to your cheerful mood on Christmas eve. Not just you, but also your guests will with your colourful sweet buffet. The right Christmas cookie recipe will result in mouth-melting tenderness. These cookies cannot be made in hurry. You need to take your time and prepare early and store airtight containers to save freshness.

06. Gingerbread or Gingermen

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I learnt about Gingerman from English TV Series called “The Gingerbread Man“. (1992). For as long as I remember, we ate gingerbread or cookies every Christmas. When we look at the history of gingerbread, it originated in ancient Greece around 2,400 BC. The priority cookie is gingerbread man till today. There are some famous legends and folk stories related to the gingerbread man who became alive and some folk stories are thousands of years old.

05. Homemade Gravy

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Gravy serving tradition originated from the Ancient Celtic region. Any time of year, homemade gravy trumps store-bought sauce – and on Christmas Day, this recipe will elevate your roast to new heights. Refrigerate for up to three days or freeze for up to three months. When ready to serve, drizzle with the roasting juices from your turkey for a luscious finish.

04. Tomato Ketchup

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This is something you bought from the nearest supermarket. But it is always great if you can prepare your own at home. When Autumn begins, Fresh tomato harvest is coming to the market. You can buy your own tomato and prepare it according to a traditional method that you can easily find online. In ancient times, countries like Italy used these Ketchup and sauce methods to save their fresh tomato harvest.

03.  Chestnut & cranberry stuffing


This is Classic Italian Food. As Roman celebrated Christmas in a very grand way, there is always some traditions, foods, music, customs and a bit of history that come from the Roman Empire.

This sausage stuffing is bursting with holiday flavours, mixing traditional sage and onion with apples, chestnuts, and an eye-catching swirl of cranberries. Prepare two days ahead if you have enough fridge space, or up to a month ahead if you wish to freeze.

02. Christmas Cake

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Christmas cake, Rich cakes and these are also called traditional festive fruitcakes. This cake has two historical sources. The recent one is older than a thousand-year and it was inspired by English Fruit Porridge Pudding. The other one was inspired by Roman Fruit cake. Making this cake for Christmas is a ritual. In mid-October, some traditional families, hotels, and professional cake makers are holding a “Cake mixing Ceremony“. This cake has a strong unique divine taste and aroma. There is nothing on Earth that can be compared to this food.

Please read my full article about Cake Mixing Ceremony

It works best when created ahead of time and fed on a regular basis with brandy, sherry, whiskey, or rum. Traditionally cooked on Stir-up Sunday (the final Sunday before Advent), this cake improves with time, soaking up the flavours and developing a moist, rich texture.

There is a non-alcoholic version of this. But, I don’t recommend it to anyone.

01. Homemade wine

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There are lots of homemade wine types. My favourite one is Grape Red Wine. A fresh harvest of wine can be used for this. Prepare your own wine for yourself. Add some vintage brandy, if you are not satisfied with 10% 12% strength. Store in temperature-controlled storage in small bottled containers. 750ml may not the best option for small occasions. Homemade wine may start to go bad after 3-4 days after opening. The best way is to store them properly and in suitable capacity containers. And you can add a strong amount of Brandy to meet the standard alcohol percentage and increase your wine lifetime to 5-6 days after opening.

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