34 People died from Mahameru Eruption

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Image Credit: Indian Express

According to the latest reports of Indonesia, the death count from the eruption of Indonesia’s Mount Semeru volcano rose to 34 on Tuesday. This Volcano is also called Mahameru (The Greatest mountain – Sanskrit) that referred to in ancient folk stories.

Semeru is the largest volcano in East Java Island, Indonesia. It is an active Volcano and erupted many times during the last 200 years. Not just that, if you climb this mountain, you will hear its eruptions every 10-20 minutes and the volcanic activities are clearly visible. It means, it is a highly active Volcano. Despite its hazardous active status, thousands of visitors are climbing this mountain which is rising up more than 12,000 feet.

Nearly 62,000 People live nearby as Volcanic soil is highly nutritious and fertile. While the rescue of nearby residents, many struggle to flee while they wanted to make sure the safety of livestock. It seems the death result may be caused by that sort of attitude.

Ashes and Smoke from the Volcano are rising up to 40,000 feet, the Commercial Flight Operating airspace. The affected area may be a 20 km diameter in both ground and air. Particularly the Volcanic activities caused Heavy rain and resulted in a deadly thick layer of mud and ashes. Also, a hot air cloud is spreading through the area.

In general terms, few deadly things can be formed at High Volcanic activity events. Heat waves, Toxic Gases, Flying rocks, Hot and thick ashes, Heavy rain and resulting mud with ashes, Earthquakes and the last concern of Hell Juice Lava.

Despite the niche market, Volcanic activities are a strange thing to many people. In my point of view, it is worthwhile to visit an active Volcano within your lifetime.

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