Electric Vehicles to NYPD? Tesla on Race

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NYPD Tesla Police Car in 2022? Are You ready for the excitement?


If you were born before 2005, you know that Electric vehicles were a dream to mankind just a decade ago. Tesla is the Aladine who brought the lamp to the automobile industry. Countries like Norway, almost reaching nearly half away from all-electric cars in streets.

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Tesla is ready to reach a new milestone by empowering NYPD Police forces with their innovative electric cars. According to Bloomberg News, NYPD (New York Police Department) is looking for 250 new “Tesla Model 3” Sedans to their fleet. 12.4 Million proposed purchase will open gates to Tesla to join hands with the Largest Police Force in the United States of America. According to, each Sedan will cost around US$ 51,940 according to this proposed purchase.

New York Police Department is the largest police force in the USA. 36,000 uniformed officials and 9,000 vehicles in their current fleet. This purchase will be made as an important symbolic step to ensure sustainability in government agencies. On the other hand, Tesla will acquire their reputation among the mainstream & corporate buyers in the automobile industry, beyond the futuristic consumers.

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Tesla is ideal for the Police force as it is fast and silent at the same time. Low maintenance and high safety features are also beneficial for police forces. Tesla is also easily compatible with high tech gadgets that may be required to use on Police forces.

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