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Student Leader became the President in Chile – 10 must-know facts

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35 years old student leader has been elected to lead the country.

Image Credit: BBC
President-Elect Gabriel Boric / Image Credit: BBC

A Leftist and a fresh candidate Gabriel Boric to become Chile’s youngest-ever president. He is proposing a Centre-left political vision to the country by defeating his counterpart Jose Antonio Kast’s far-right vision. Many people are rushing to adopt Centre-Left Scandinavian style economical policies across the globe. Not only that but also the young leadership influence is spreading as a result of many famous young World leaders appearance. I believe that the trend was started by electing President Barrack Obama. Jacinda Ardern (NZ), Emmanuel Macron (France) and Justin Trudeau (Canada) were some of the famous young leaders that created this chain reaction.

In my point of view, these two reasons are hiding deep in local circumstances behind the victory of Gabriel Boric. We have plenty of time to analyze these reasons with the actions of the newly elected president. Let’s summarize the most important facts about this victory to your knowledge.

1). Gabriel Boric is 35 years old former Student Protestor and leader. It is a symbolic message that the Chilean people are looking for young leadership and fast forward journey.

2). Gabriel won the election by sharp overtake during the last hours of poll counting. So, this is definitely a generation change and shaping a new era by default. Young people are looking for system change everywhere in the World, and still the old generation is voting competitively to save their era.

3). Defeated Jose Antonio Kast party or the Boric’s party, never been in a government before either. Both parties are fresh comers.

4). Both candidates did present completely different political agendas. Kast’s Far-Right radical campaign was so attention-seeking among the International media as the World is looking forward to Centre-Left or more humanitarian liberal economy.

5). Once it was the most stable economy in Latin America, Chile has one of the biggest income gaps in the World, with Rich 1% of the population owning 25% of the country’s wealth, according to the Official Reports of United Nations. This result may be a resolution seeking message from pressured people under income inequality.

Jubilant supporters of Mr Boric reacted to his victory / Image Credit: Reuters

6). Newly elected President Boric has promised to resolve this inequality by expanding social rights and reforming a national pension and healthcare systems, as well as limiting the work week from 45 to 40 hours, and boosting green sustainable investments. This election result would be a great benefit to attract new investments to Chile.

7). President-elect Boric also promised to halt a controversial proposed mining project which more likely destroys communities and the national environment, as his vision.

8). In some reports, the Far-Right candidate has been named after the Dictatorship praising politicians. So, the Boric was essential to some voters who don’t want to see the dictatorship period of Chile from 1973 to 1990.

9). A former student protest leader, Boric backed the mass awareness programme among the public against inequality and alleged corruption that rocked Chile in 2019 and 2020.

Jose Antonio Kast / Image Credit: Social media Via BBC

10). Let me add the 10th and most optimistic point: In a tweet, Kast said he had called Boric to congratulate him on his “great triumph”, adding: “From today he is the elected President of Chile and deserves all our respect and constructive collaboration”.

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