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Did china create an artificial Sun? Did the Chinese Artificial Sun, overcome our solar system Sun?

Here is the answer and read till the end. I will promise that this story isn’t sound like these trendy titles you saw the last couple of days.

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Let me give you a small history tour. Centuries ago, mankind was battling to break the speed barriers. Their maximum speed was generated by animal transportation such as horses. Just after introducing the machinery vehicle, still, they are battling to break current speed limits day by day. It’s the same battle for cars, aircraft and trains as well.

The artificial Sun Project (also called “EAST”) was designed and developed by the Chinese and the EAST (Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak) has been used since 2006 by scientists from all around the world to conduct nuclear fusion-related experiments. More than 10,000 Chinese and foreign scientific researchers have worked together to bring to life the artificial sun. As I brought up from history, they are testing for day by day with improvements.

Let’s learn the story by facts

1. There are two types of Nuclear reactions. A) Nuclear Fission and B) Nuclear Fusion. A) Nuclear fission is the common one that you see in every nuclear power plant and it is operating by splitting a nucleus or impact of each other to splitting. As a result of that, we may see a rare creation of another chemical element that is radioactive as much as a key element used for a reaction.

2. The other reaction, B) Nuclear Fusion is never been tested on Earth before successfully as much as common Nuclear Fission. (Which is happened in every nuclear plant). But, it is happening every moment on our Sun. Two atoms of Hydrogen unite each other as the pressure on the Sun core and becomes Helium. It is also a great nuclear reaction that Sun generates power. And it is nearly harmless as no radioactive waste would be generated. This generates Helium – an inactive air element.

3. But, we can’t possibly do the B) reaction as it requires very high energy. Even the producing energy is less than the operational energy requirement. So, it’s a loss yet. USA, EU, Russia and many countries are trying to do this reaction with extra power generation as Sun do. It will be a more clean efficient and sustainable power source than everything if someone achieved it.

4. China is testing this at the EAST project facility. Unlike other Chinese experiments, they don’t limit the knowledge to their gang. They have noted their willingness to share knowledge and progress of this process. And it is great news.

5. As the high power requirements of this project, they can run the reaction just for seconds of time. they have said that on December 30, 2021, they were able to generate 120 million degrees Fahrenheit plasma (around 70 million degrees Celsius) and hold it for 1,056 seconds.

6. Over its 15 years of operation since 2006, EAST—operated by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (ASIPP)—has achieved both these temperatures and this containment time before, but never in conjunction making this an important fusion milestone.

7. Tokamaks, like the doughnut-shaped EAST reactor, is often referred to as “artificial suns” as they are devices that replicate the fusion processes that occur within stars. In this doughnut, the reaction is being controlled by an electromagnet field. And it requires high pressure.

8. There are other reactors like the Korea Institute of Fusion Energy’s Korea Superconducting Tokamak Advanced Research (KSTAR) reactor and ITER is the world’s largest nuclear fusion reactor located in France and run by 5 countries together.

9. These researches were started in the 1950s and actively operating since the 2000s. If we succeed in this energy source, this will be the groundbreaking achievement after inventing Fossil Fuel and Electricity.

10. In theory, this is very similar to the reaction that happens on Sun and other stars. But it is really doubtful whether we can name it an artificial Sun. many news agencies use these catchy titles to create interest in their fans.

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Thanks for reading and see you tomorrow.

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