China has built a robot that can read your mind with 96% accuracy?

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Mind Reading Robot in China? Is China going to control your mind? Is it a part of China’s master plan to conqueror the World?

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The simple answer is, we don’t know. But, some news agencies have reported that China seems to have achieved significant progress on robotics as a group of scientists claimed to have built a robot that can read people’s minds with 96% accuracy. While some western superpowers are looking for Artificial intelligence and computer-brain interface (Adding a chip to your brain), China has taken a very radical path.

Reading others’ minds may be beneficial in several ways. But there are many worse benefits than good. This ability may use in military and spy works as it has no other uses in upgrading civilian lifestyle.

The robotic researchers at Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Technology Centre which is an associated body of Three Gorges University in China, tested the robot at an assembly factory, reports a Hong Kong-based famous English newspaper South China Morning Post.

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The main problem with China’s research policy is the secrecy. They do not share or disclose the research updates or knowledge with other parties. It can be counted as a threat to the entire World despite the benefits that may contribute by them. If China was not a single party ruling and a non-democratic country, this view would be changed a bit.

However, it is very important to open up China to the World that may result in a more friendly world’s attitude on China.

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