10 most valuable precious things on Earth

Let me tell you the most valuable stuff on Earth right now. Some stuff is mythical and others are real.

  1. Time – Time is the most valuable thing in human life and it can be replaced by anything or anyone but God.
  2. Concepts – As I also create concepts, I believe it the second most valuable thing on Earth. It can contribute the mankind or it can bring up a fortune. That’s why I create concepts. In medical times, Land/Precious metals like Gold or Silver as well as some natural gemstones were the most precious thing. Later it became technology. Afterwards, it became the capital. Nowadays, its concepts.
  3. Data or Information – Data and/or information are one of the most valuable things in this computer age. It will become more valuable in the Next Gen AI age.
  4. Knowledge – Knowledge is power. If you know something, you have the power to bargain at the table.
  5. Human lives – Human lives are no less than anything. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a kid or a woman or a man. Lives matter.
  6. Freedom – Freedom is also a valuable thing for more than half of the World’s Population. Only a very small percentage of mankind allows living freely. Others are partially or completely under the rule of anti Freedom handle.
  7. Water – Water isn’t a common resource for the majority of the World’s population. But it is essential to survive.
  8. Right partner – Right partner is a bit of luck by chance. So it’s a rare opportunity to get your ideal partner, not your favourite or your wishing dream partner. You can get your dream partner, but your ideal partner may not be able to identify you. So, it is completely based on blessings or luck if you aren’t a genius person to find your ideal partner yourself.
  9. Good Health – You will underestimate this until you get sick. Health is one of the major things that we need to survive.
  10. Long life and Life long medicine – This is a very rare thing to invent and it is a rare thing to live for a long time. So, both in one category which is really valuable.

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