Will Asia rise over Western Free World?

Will China take over the World? Will Europe collapse? Is it the end of the Free World? Is the US empire about to end? Will Russia invade Europe?

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We see these questions again and again throughout the internet. And many people believe that these are legit fears and we are about to see something special that we never saw before.

I have bad news. Most of these assumptions are far from the truth. And most importantly, these ideas are not quite new things. Throughout history, people believed this kind of stuff for centuries. But, most of these predictions were just among scholars, journalists, philosophers, priests and privileged communities as the majority didn’t have access to the information or ideologies.

But with the boost of technology, most of the underprivileged countries and people did have access to the information. On the other hand, famous traditional and new media outlets are feeding these information platforms for their profits. For that profit-oriented businesses, they need stuff that impresses the fantasy of the majority.

Supply and Demand in the media industry

Most people know that supply and demand matter in the entertainment media industry. But, they do not know that the same rule works in news and current affairs as well. So, either western or eastern oriented media outlets feed the demand of the majority.

So most people either live in Free World or the East, they genetically live with a fear of a great villain. So the people who live in countries like the US, South Korea, Taiwan, Europe, the UK or Singapore will believe that China, Russia or Iran will take over the World power and their Free World will face an issue. So they have a villain.

People who live in the suppressed or half-suppressed east-oriented world will always have their western phobia. So they have a small hope about Russia or China or Iran will take over the power of the World to limit the future of the free world and build the conservative world power to save their closed suppressed lifestyle.

Even it is not representing the mindset of every human being who lives across these two types of countries. It is about the major political vibe and colour of countries.

So, these World powershifting dramas are the major source of feeds to run media outlets across the globe. Media is being called the fourth pillar of politics and they play a huge role in politics as well as in business. In the modern world, big tech-media hybrid giants also play a huge part in this.

Two factors of satisfying predictions

Those influential theories are contributing to the current World status in the exact opposite way of what most people believe.

These theories are satisfying both kinds of people (as I explained above) and it leads to the growth of the media and information industry. So it is directly interconnected with other corporations that use those channels for their growth as well. So, simply these theories are fuelling up the entire economy to shape its consumption decisions.

And the second factor is, these theories are also filling up the space for villains. So there is no need to grow a real villain as the villain demand and the demand-supply; both parties are seeing villains.


These overrated and overestimated future predictions are just urban myths and there were countless of these kinds of things since the beginning of human culture. The fear of Nazis, Fear of the Soviet Union, Fear of Russia which we can see how funny in real-time or the fear of North Korea are some of the recent fake beliefs.

In ancient times, there were similar fears and they were so unrealistic for today’s world. But those theories were so realistic at that time. Now we have urban myths that seem so realistic to today’s world.


In 1962, some Australians believed that USSR (Soviet Union) will take over the entire world and the US will fail. So they believed that Russian needed to be taught in Australian Public Schools.

So, we could see a similar fear over China these days. And some people believed Russia will take over the power of Ukraine within two days. And most of the over-estimated assumptions about the Russian Military came to the end after the Ukraine invasion.

So, the World will stay with similar trends for a very long time and it is so mythical to make your personal decisions based on these future predictions will not help you.

In other words, if you are not from the Free World, do not believe that you will be able to have the fortune of a Free World by its destruction which is going to be made possible by rising new World Powers. Work towards the Free World and achieve your dreams from there.

Let me finalize this article with an example. Some people wait in front of a mountain on a rainy day until a landslide happens to reach the apple tree which is on the top of the mountain.

Anuradha Bernard – Free World haters

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