Tropical Countries are not ideal places to live. Upside Down Concepts

Tropical countries are the best places to live and Winter time is hard. Many people claim that way and I didn’t agree. I am fighting back.

I am doing my research and I still write this upside-down concept while open to arguments. I believe that temperate regions with very soft seasonal climates like Europe, Canada, North America, Japan, the Korean peninsula, Northern China, North India, Russia, New Zealand and Southern Australia are some of the best places to live on Earth in my point of view. Most people slightly conclude that Tropical regions are great as those areas are enjoying year-round sunlight. And they visit tropical regions in winter to avoid harsh winters. And they do not have a clue about living in Tropical countries.

Dangerous Tropical Forests

In my view, temperate regions with soft climates, such as Europe, North America, and Canada, offer a more comfortable and safe living environment for humans than tropical regions. Although tropical regions are known for their lush flora, diverse fauna, and beautiful beaches, they also present several challenges to human life other than what you see from your summer vacation hotel room window.

One of the most significant challenges of tropical living is the presence of dangerous animals and venomous flora and fauna. Tropical regions are home to venomous snakes, spiders, and other creatures that pose a threat to human life. The risk of mosquito-borne diseases, such as malaria and dengue fever, is also higher in tropical regions. In contrast, temperate regions have a lower incidence of venomous animals and diseases, making them safer for human habitation. Once some ancient legend hunter in Sri Lanka (Ravana legend) said, King Ravana, lived in an underground cave system as it was very hard to live in a tropical country like Sri Lanka. So, I agreed despite other disagreements over their theories.

Tropical regions are also prone to deadly natural disasters such as tornados, heavy rain, and landslides. These disasters can cause severe damage to property and infrastructure and put human lives at risk. The hot and humid climate of the tropics can also be challenging to adapt to for those accustomed to milder temperatures. In contrast, temperate regions offer a more predictable climate, making them safer and more comfortable for human habitation.

Beautiful Peaceful Swiss Village

Research also suggests that living in tropical regions can have a negative impact on human behaviour. A study published in the journal “Psychology and Developing Societies” found that people living in tropical regions are more likely to engage in violent behaviour than those living in temperate regions. The study attributed this to factors such as increased stress levels and cultural norms that condone aggression.

Finally, tropical regions are often less developed than temperate regions, presenting challenges for access to healthcare, education, and basic infrastructure. In contrast, temperate regions tend to have better-developed economies, higher levels of education, and better access to healthcare, making them more conducive to human development and well-being. Very few countries including Singapore, Malaysia, UAE and Taiwan with very different policies and resources could outcome a tropical factor on development other than the common situation in the tropical regions. For example, most tropical countries are not great places to live if there is no air conditioning 3/4 of the year. But unfortunately, tropical countries are less like to have air conditioning in most places other than the middle east oil giants.

Dangerous rivers with predators in tropical regions

In conclusion, while tropical regions have their own unique attractions and benefits, they also present several challenges to human life. Temperate regions with soft climates like Europe, North America, and Canada offer a more comfortable, safer, and better-developed living environment for humans. Therefore, it is essential to consider the risks and challenges of living in tropical regions before deciding to settle in these areas. My suggestion is to change your perception of tropical countries as they are so livable countries. It makes so bad misconceptions about citizens of those countries that overrate their reputation that further harm mentally on their development from the scratch.

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