What is Easter? Explained in brief in 10 steps

What is Easter? Is it bunnies or eggs or something else?

Let me explain to you the plain raw meaning of Easter. And do not complain that this is the Catholic Version. I am a catholic and I write in my wisdom.

  1. Jesus Christ, the son of God born maybe 1 AD (or 4 BC) in Bethlehem, Israel (Some claim it is Palestine). We celebrate that day as Christmas and we will discuss it another day.
  2. He raised and become a preacher when he was 30 years old. And he became popular in the country.
  3. At that time Israel was ruled by Roman Empire. But the society was run by Jewish priests and leaders. Romans did only civil ruling to hold the empire.
  4. So Jesus wanted to convert people and God’s relationship to a more friendly manner. He taught us (or/and people in Israel) not to be ruled by the rule of God, but to follow the rule because you love your god as he created, fed and protected you. And he taught people despite their nationality.
  5. Jewish leaders got angry about the behaviours of Jesus in many ways. They hate him as he is popular and he claimed that he is the son of God and he is the messiah that Jewish books were telling for thousands of years.
  6. Jewish people wait for a majestic king, not an ordinary man to appear as messiah. They didn’t like to see their God or God’s son as a human. They need something extravaganza.
  7. They led a coup. They paid 30 silver pounds to a disciple of Jesus called Judas. They managed to buy the man. On that selected date, Jesus had his last supper and he knew everything. He washed all disciples’ feet and showed the leadership of being a servant. He taught them how to do remembrance of him.
  8. After the last supper, he waited in a garden, knowing he will die in a brutal way. In the early morning, judas and Jewish forces of priests came and caught Jesus.
  9. Jesus faced a trial. Jewish wanted to crucify him to death. But the Roman governor of Judah province in Israel “Pontius Pilate” didn’t agree. He knew Jewish chief priests and leaders were jealous of Jesus and they are making fake claims. He said not I will not impose the death penalty. But Jewish leaders threaten him and make his order. But Pilate said I don’t take any responsibility for this case and he washed his hands publicly by abandoning his attempt to save Jesus.
  10. Jesus was crucified and finally passed away. And buried in a stone cave. But after three days, he resurrected as he promised when doing his preachings. He appeared in many places before he left Earth to reach Heaven. If he didn’t resurrect, there won’t be anything called Christianity.

That is what Easter is. And These three days’ claims came from Jewish traditions. Their day counts are different than us.

The holy week of Easter starts on Palm Sunday which is the last Sunday before Easter. On Thursday evening, Good Friday the whole day, there are holy masses and customs.

Saturday midnight or/and Sunday morning we celebrate Easter.

This is a very brief explanation.

Click here to read to the full story of Easter.

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