World’s most dangerous Hotel – Frying Pan Hotel

What is the most Dangerous Hotel in the World? This wouldn’t be an easy question a few years ago. But recently the World identified the World’s Most Dangerous Hotel in the United States of America. This is “The Detail Blog about Frying Pan Hotel – The World’s Most Dangerous Hotel”.

The hotel is meant to be a safer spot to spend your night on your vacation. Comfort, Quality of Service, Amenities and also safety are mandatory for a Hotel. If the traveller is someone like me, it should be a classy one on top of all. So, it is not normal to talk about the dangerous level of a hotel. But, the practical situations are far from the theory. Some hotels are located in dangerous places to accommodate you safely. And sometimes the hotel itself got a bad reputation and yet in business due to demand or the price.

Above all, some hotels are offering risky, adventurous stays for adrenalizing loved tourists. There won’t be many options to put on that basket, yet it isn’t empty. So still we need to talk about World’s most dangerous hotel.

What is the World’s Most Dangerous Hotel then?

The Most dangerous hotel in the World is the “Frying Pan Hotel” in the Atlantic Ocean. It is an abandoned and renovated Light House just 52 km off from the Southeast beach of South Port, North Carolina, United States of America. Technically it is in International waters and yet flying the USA flag.

It is considered an extreme place to accommodate people commercially. It is 135 feet above the Atlantic Ocean and home to its own marine ecosystem from the seabed. North Carolinians, environmentalists, naturalists and excited tourists are visiting the tower for various reasons.

History of Frying Pan Hotel

This unique structure was originally built as a lighthouse to guide merchant and military marine communities in rough seas in 1964 but was later converted into a Coast Guard station in the 1970s. However, the tower was decommissioned in the 1990s. Now it is serving as a platform for scientific research and as a popular destination for adventurous travellers. Its history is as rich and intriguing as the ocean that surrounds it, and it continues to hold a special place in the hearts of those who have visited it over the years.

Specifications of Frying Pan Hotel

Room Types:

  • Standard Room: Comes with a queen-size bed, a private bathroom, and ocean views.
  • Deluxe Room: Comes with a king-size bed, a private bathroom, and a panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Suite: Features a separate living room, a king-size bed, a private bathroom, and breathtaking ocean views.


  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Room service is available from 8 AM to 8 PM
  • Onsite restaurant serving fresh seafood and American cuisine
  • 24/7 security and medical assistance are available
  • Access to a helipad for emergency transportation
  • Gift shop selling souvenirs and Frying Pan Tower merchandise
  • Onsite activities including fishing, scuba diving, and birdwatching
  • Eco-friendly practices such as recycling and water conservation
  • Pet-friendly rooms available upon request
  • Check-In/Check-Out:
  • Check-in time: 3:00 PM
  • Check-out time: 11:00 AM
  • Note: Frying Pan Hotel is accessible only by boat or helicopter. Guests are advised to make transportation arrangements in advance.

The Danger of Frying Pan Hotel

Curious guests may ask why this hotel is called as the World’s most dangerous hotel. So I listed down a few reasons that may justify this claim.

  • Challenging Weather Conditions: As with any structure located at sea, the Frying Pan Tower can be affected by severe weather conditions such as strong winds, heavy rain, and storms. While the tower is designed to withstand most weather conditions, guests may need to take extra precautions during extreme weather events.
  • Limited access: Because the hotel is only accessible by boat or helicopter, guests may face difficulties getting to and from the tower, especially in inclement weather. In the case of an emergency, evacuation may also be more challenging.
  • Wildlife encounters: Being located in the open sea, guests may come into contact with marine wildlife such as sharks or jellyfish, which can pose a risk if proper precautions are not taken.
  • Structural challenges: As an older structure, the Frying Pan Tower may present certain structural challenges, such as uneven floors or narrow passageways, which may require guests to be extra cautious.

So the hotel management always ensures the best they could to protect guests from unpleasant experiences. However, the excitement is the risk.

How get there?

To get into Frying Pan Tower, you need a have a “Two and half hour” bumpy boat ride or a “10-minute” Helicopter Ride.

Current Ownership of Frying Pan Hotel

Mr Richard Neal – Owner of the Frying pan Hotel

Mr Richard Neal bought this tower for $85,000 in 2010 from an auction and renovated it to become the hotel that we see today. He has mentioned that he could have announced it as his very own private micronation as it is in International Waters. Yet he decided to fly US Flag. In addition to being a commercial establishment, he is running various charity and social welfare projects with his tower.

Most notable Vlog about Frying Pan Hotel

Out of all vlogs that happened in Frying Pan Hotel, Mitch Summers did the best one according to my believe. So you can get the visual perspective of this property from this vlog. So I am attaching it here.

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