Free Things to Do in Dubai 2023 Summer

What are the things that we can do for Free in Dubai? Dubai is considered one of the most expensive cities to visit. And also no one would expect that Dubai offers some free things to do.

As the summer is really hot in Dubai, it is very hard to stay outside. And most of the attractions, hotels, restaurants, parks and experiences offered indoors are probably really expensive. Yet you got plenty of things to do for Free in Dubai in 2023 summer.

  1. Visit Dubai museum
    • The national museum of any country always matters. But most of the museums around the world are a bit expensive to access and it’s not the same as we see in Dubai. This museum is located in the Al Fahidi Historical District and tells the story of Dubai from its humble beginnings to its current status as a global city. You can experience the museum for free.
  2. Explore the Dubai Creek
    • Most cities across the world were built near water. It is an untold rule. So there is no exception for Dubai. Dubai Creek is a natural saltwater way that enriches the city’s beauty and may help with trading and marine activities in ancient times. There are free ferry rides across the creek and may be the best early morning or evening. This may be inspired by the ferry ride available in New York to visit Staten Island for free. And that ferry ride offers the best view of New York harbour and the liberty statue. Anyway, this ferry ride in Dubai costs nothing and adds value to your Dubai experience.
  3. Let’s walk through the Miracle Garden Dubai
    • Dubai is home to uncountable amazing experiences. And theme parks are a few of them. Miracle Garden Dubai is home to 50 million flowers and is open year-round to walk through it. Even though it requires extensive effort to
  4. Dubai Fountain
    • Dubai Fountain is also an iconic place to visit in the daytime as well as late evening. They have show times as well. You can watch it for free and its once a lifetime experience. Burj Khalifa would be your backdrop o see the Dubai Foundation.
  5. Spend a day at the beach
    • Dubai beaches are well maintained and most of the time offer some activities and events every day. So, you will not get bored by visiting the beach when you can. Probably the morning jogging or evening chill out can be done at beaches for free. There are prominent beaches and viewing decks near the beach or creek available with free access, shade with air conditioning and some snack options nearby as well. (Snacks are not free and are to buy)
  6. Visit Dubai Frame or Burj Khalifa to view photo locations
    • Dubai Frame is a free attraction to take your iconic photo in Dubai. Burj Khalifa the world’s tallest building does not offer a perfect view when you are nearby to it. But you can take the best view if you visit Dubai Frame. It is the official viewing deck for the Burj Khalifa.
  7. Peacock Park in Dubai
    • There is a peacock park near the Museum of the Future. You won’t believe it if you see it in a photo or video and It seems a totally wild environment in the middle of metropolitan Dubai.

Dubai is not a cheap place to visit. You are advised to book a nice hotel with proper air conditioning and spacing if you wish to stay for a couple of days in Dubai. And Dubai got plenty of shopping malls and shopping markets that offer a free air-conditioned atmosphere whenever you need shade in Summer.

You are invited to visit Dubai in Summer or Winter with proper planning to not waste a single moment in this marvellous city.

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