World’s first and only icebreaker cruise ship

Cruise ships and icebreaker ships are two completely different vessel types and have specific goals to achieve. French shipping company “Compagnie du Ponant” launched a new concept to make those two types together for ultimate luxury in an adventurous journey.

So, they launched “World’s first-ever icebreaker luxury cruise ship called “Le Commandant Charcot” named after French polar scientist Jean-Baptiste Charcot.

The ship started to sail in July 2021 and sailed to the geographical north pole as she promised. The company is marketing the ship as a “Deep Polar Exploration ship” and yet in luxury.

This state-of-the-art ship is designed to navigate the most challenging polar ice conditions, while its luxurious amenities offer guests the ultimate comfort. “Le Commandant Charcot” is powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG), making it one of the most environmentally friendly cruise ships in the world. The ship also features a number of innovative design features that allow it to operate in extreme polar conditions, such as a double-acting hull that allows it to move forward and backwards on ice. Usually, those features are not meant to add on passenger cruise liners that offer floating vacation homes.

In addition to its state-of-the-art technology, Le Commandant Charcot also offers a luxurious guest experience. The ship is home to 135 staterooms, including 31 balcony suites, all of which are spacious and stylishly appointed.
Guests will also enjoy two restaurants, a spa, a fitness centre, and a variety of other onboard amenities.

I’ve heard that Le Commandant Charcot offers a variety of itineraries to the Arctic and Antarctic, including voyages to the North Pole, the Northwest Passage, and the Ross Sea. Guests on these cruises will have the opportunity to explore these remote and pristine regions in a way that is only possible on a luxury icebreaker. But the story that brought this ship to my attention was done by British YouTuber Trek Trendy. He stated that he spent US$ 13,000 per couple on a balcony suite from the French coast to the Iceland trip.

Heated pools, 5-star dining, space-oriented cabins and fully covered life-saving suits instead of life jackets are also added features that this ship makes one of its kind. Also, the helipad would be a great addon to make your stay safer and more secure that enable the helicopter to stand on a ship at any point where necessary. And ship also offers a snow sauna that allows you to experience a polar experience on board. Further, the ship got some backup bridges in addition to the main bridge.

However, an ultra-luxury voyage on this won’t come with a cheap price tag. But I highly recommend you to try this out if you are seeking for adventurous journey in polar regions in safe and secured comfortable settings. Absolutely this would be a great option for a lazy yet excited person like me.

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