Does the bible have one phrase that is mentioned 365 times?

“There is one phrase that is mentioned 365 times in the bible. Do you know what it is?” I saw this kind of statement on Instagram, Youtube and Facebook.

According to this statement, the phrase same or similar to “Do not be afraid” is in the bible 365 times that equal to the days of the year. It is literary means Bible says not to be afraid every day. Even though I am a good Catholic, I still did a fact-check.

I went to the most famous AI tools including ChatGPT and Google Bard. So, both said those rumours are fake and no way to prove that. Only 180 or some number of times you can find this in the bible.

So, I accepted the conclusion at once.

But, I thought I should refer to more before coming to a conclusion. Then I searched more for the same topic.

Then I found a website that shows up all 365 bible verses that say the same or similar meaning.

To be honest, I did not read all verses and I randomly checked more than 10-15 to make sure that the website doesn’t bluff.

So, now I am convinced that the bible says “Do not be afraid” at least 365 times or more.

Check their website and let me know if I have missed something.

Click here to see that website or copy the link and paste it:

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