Guy went homeless to come back as a millionaire from zero in 12 months

A| guy called Mike Black gave up all of his things with zero dollars balance and was homeless to start from scratch to become a millionaire in 12 months to give inspiration to the people who were stuck in the middle of the pandemic in 2020. This is not a joke or anything funny and this was a real scenario that happened in or started in 2020.

I checked his channel and the first this matter-related video was posted on June 2020. He wanted to start over his very own real life from being homeless and broke to the top he could within 12 months.

He gave up his all belongings, money, net worth, home and the help of known people or help of known people about his project and set up his own rules for the channel and stepped into the street with only one set of clothes, camera gear and his mobile phone.

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2020 was an unpredictable year for everyone on planet Earth. Covid was rising and the economies were crashing. Many people went to broke and almost everyone was hopeless. But, this guy decided to give it a try and make a real-life example to whoever wants to rebuild and reshape themselves.

The journey wasn’t that much easy and the journey was exactly the same story of whoever tried to outcome the difficulties. And fortunately, he got some help from a stranger and he could find a solid start. However, it wasn’t that much easier to outcome the huge challenge.

The guy tried general trading and various jobs including remote work, delivery guy jobs and everything that you can imagine. He took the risk of being an entrepreneur in real estate renting and also negotiate his deals to get perfect business opportunities. Also, he took the challenge of running a business, doing a job and side hassle all together challenge. Three in one challenge.

Unfortunately, his father got sick. His father’s health was declining and made that scenario cut off the energy and time from his challenge run. Finally, when he tried to make some time to spend with his family made the situation four in a run challenge.

  1. Million dollars come back business
  2. Day job for same come back
  3. Side hassle for same come back
  4. Time for family

After 43 weeks out of 52 weeks, and 64,000+ US Dollars in savings to reach the goal, all of a sudden his health also started to decline.

Unfortunately, he was forced to abandon the attempt at that point. Once he said he spent 25,000+ USD from his own money to run the weekly update production of his story recording youtube channel with his team who work on his project. And yet his life on the real-life challenge and his project were separated.

It’s like you know exactly know the food where stored that you owned and yet you can go to the place and yet you need to stay hungry or earn something to eat.

It is more difficult than having nothing.

So he abandoned the project as he reached his limits to handle the pressure. He mentioned that his target was to change at least 20,000 lives by giving them a story that could be them. And at one point a viewer dialled him and told him that the viewer changed his decision to depart from life after watching Mike’s journey.

So I also have the same kind of experience. Once I had a really big issue with a mouse problem in my kitchen. It was a really bad time. That’s the time I started to watch NYC luxury real estate vlogger “Erik Conover”. Erik Conover shifted to a new home and he was really excited about it. Then he said on a video he is going to keep off his works to show how difficult when they start out. In one of those old videos, He shows a late night wakeup due to sounds of mice in his kitchen and he was telling on camera not to rent an apartment above a restaurant. In the house moving video, he reminds that particular video that he kept from the old collection to be thankful for what he achieved now.

So, that particular moment in the video made a huge change in my mood. Thanks to heaven, Now I am in a very cosy home than the time I was desperate.

So I can guarantee that attempt like “Mike Black did make a huge difference in people’s lives.

I am going to leave the link to his channel to watch his journey and get some inspirational fuel for your journey as well.

To respect his journey, I am not going to include anything for commercial purposes of my website or youtube channel in this article.

Anu Bernard

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