Earth’s Lowest gravity in Peru and here is why in 90 seconds reading time

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Ever felt like gravity plays favorites? Spoiler alert: it does! Brace yourselves for a jaw-dropping journey because Earth’s gravity isn’t a one-size-fits-all deal.

Picture this: You’re chilling in Peru, and suddenly, gravity takes a coffee break. What’s the deal? Well, turns out, Earth’s gravitational pull isn’t the same everywhere. It’s like a cosmic game of hide and seek, and we’re about to spill the beans on why some places feel lighter while others are a bit gravity-heavy.

So, why the inequality? There are many reasons for that. But I am giving you another fact which is surprising than this gravity inequality as the reason for it.

Mapping of Earth’s Gravity

In March 2002, NASA launched a new mission called “Grace”. Project had two satellites. The GRACE satellites were twin spacecraft. These satellites used a highly sensitive instrument known as a “microwave ranging system” to measure the distance between them with extraordinary accuracy. Variations in Earth’s gravity field cause slight changes in the distance between the two satellites, which the instruments could detect. By precisely measuring these changes, scientists were able to create detailed maps of Earth’s gravitational field. Eventually the project came to end in 2017.

Photo Credit: University of Texas in Austin

Check the GRACE animated Globe on NASA website. Click here

Where are the lowest gravity

Ecuador, being close to the equator, is often mentioned in discussions about locations where gravity is slightly weaker. And also the countries like Sri Lanka and also Peru are in the list of discussions.

What’s the point that we are implying here

Did you know that the highest point on Earth, when we measure from the center of Earth isn’t the Mount Everest. It is the 10th highest point from the center of Earth. 8 out of 10 highest elevation places from the Earth’s center is in South America. Other two are “Mt Everest” from Asia and “Kilimanjaro” from Africa. May be, far you get from Earth’s center, less the gravity force you experiences.

“Check 10 highest peaks on Earth from the center of Earth”

Singapore based famous Israeli-Palestinian Blogger Nuseir Yassin (NAS DAILY) did a video series about Ecuador on his journey across the globe throughout 1,000 days with daily 1 minute vlogs.

Here is the video of NAS DAILY

#NasDaily #NasDailyVlog #Ecuador

Those information are not proven 100% without doubt. But, these are food for thought.

I guess that’s why I do here in Bernard Show.

Stay tuned for my podcast and the blog for mind blowing information.

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