Did you know that 99% of motivational quotes or speeches are from Bible or match with some Bible verses

As person who passionate about motivation and positive thinking, I frequently go through numerous quotes every day from different kind of speakers. Despite their different demographics, most of speeches are based or tally with bible verses. I was wondering what made this happen and ready to give you few insights to make your own judgmental opinion.

Positive thinking and the motivational energy is more western oriented idea. Even though the Christianity originated from Middle East (Tehnically in Asia), it dominated Europe which is the continental west. Christianity is more likely based on happyiness, joy and everlasting pleasure through salvation of Jesus Christ. Not just afterlife, but also the current life also describe as enjoying the wonderful creation of the God.

In the other hand, Easern philosophy based on death and destruction. It invites life to be minimalistic and remove natural behaviours and be devoted to goodness god and reduce the enjoyment for a better life after death. So, whatever the opinion come from East and Eastern attitiude philosophers still does not support much the true energy of motivation and positive thinking.

Under that situation, let’s see few reasons why Bible and the Positive motivational quotes go side by side.

1) Christianity perfectly fixed with Western pagan culture that worshipped nature and expected good life now. And God promises better life even in now to enjoy his creation on Earth. So, many people enjoyed power, wealth and prosperity in Bible. So, Bible is the best place to see how faithful people saw success.

2) Even though the current personal views are not religious, Western speakers lives in Christian cultural background that influence their attitudes. So, simply they unconsiously adopt the ideas without direct connection and yet bible based concepts.

3) When Western culture sees the life as a gift and every moment as a blessings, Eastern cultures do not recognized the value of a life of individual merely. They have cast systems and hierachy and not everyone is a child of God as in West. So, there is not much left in East to motivate every individual and pump positive thoughts that may common for everyone. But, bible and Christian philosophy count everyone. (Even though some people in history acted differently, christian philosopy count everyone. )

4) It is easy to use bible based stories as its familiar with vast majority and that’s also a reason to see 99% quotes tally with directly or indirectly. So, its very easy to quote or tell a story that majority understand and it mix with current believes to enhance the result

5) And lastly Bible has influece across the globe. It might be the book of hope and blessings that helps our mindset to keep postivie and self motivated. May be it might be one of the widely referred book to keep mankind in a hope. So, most of sources of our thinking patterns and opinions are based on that hope of salvation. In this point, I am trying to ochestrated bible as whole point of being motivated and hopeful as well as positive.

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