Unlocking Success: The 5 Most Underrated Must-Haves for Entrepreneurs in 2024 | Boost Your Business with These Essential Tools

Welcome to another page of the transformative journey in entrepreneurship 2024! In the dynamic landscape of 2024, success is not merely a destination; it’s a journey of exploration, and my series is here to guide you through it. In this blog, I delve into the often overlooked and undervalued facets that can truly propel your business forward.“Unlocking Success: The 5 Most Underrated Must-Haves for Entrepreneurs in 2024” is your compass to navigate the evolving entrepreneurial sphere. Join my series as I uncover these essential tools that not only boost your business but also redefine the way you approach success. Let’s embark on this adventure together and equip ourselves with the insights and skills that are indispensable for thriving in the ever-changing entrepreneurial landscape.

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1) Business Card

Most underrated tool in the present world and I know plenty of business people who don’t carry or don’t have even a business card. A person can have more than one business card depending on the number of industries or companies they work on. However, a good old-school business card is still worth it for your outlook. When you are designing a business card, it is important to make sure that the colour combination, design, titles and details and the paper that you use to print perfectly fit your personality. By looking at the business card, people can judge you. Even having or not having a business card is also a subject to judge you. That’s why it is important to have a business card in your possession.

It’s better to have a thick board printed business card than a thin paper. Also, you need to make sure the design represents you. And when you are an entrepreneur, it is really important to put a nice title that you love to represent yourself. It is okay to see the legal requirements to use a title. However, it should carry the title you would love to represent yourself and not someone else’s opinion. I am emphasising this for a reason. I have seen many people who take other’s perspectives about them as their own.

2) Your Updated Portfolio

Despite being an entrepreneur or a businessman/woman, it is very important to have a personal portfolio. This is also one of the most underrated things among the young entrepreneurs. As much as employees carry a resume or CV, entrepreneurs should carry a personal portfolio that includes the history of their career path, current holding positions in businesses and organizations, set of skills and passions and also some of their professional accreditations/awards/achievements.

You may create this as a printed booklet as a company’s portfolio, a PDF or digital format, a video, a website or any other handy format are fine. It’s important to keep it updated and process a copy in your phone/email or somewhere with easy access. You are not required to present this every meeting or matter as a business card. This one would be needed in the event of self-introduction to high-end meetings like the head of state, ambassadors, and one of Forbes’s top 10 people if you are invited to deliver a keynote in a prestigious event and so on. Make sure that the scenario is important enough to refer to your portfolio before you present it.

3) Dedicated Pen and a Notebook

As a trained professional journalist, I never missed my pen and notebook in most cases. However, it is also important to have these two simple old-school items in your business essentials. Despite having high-tech gadgets, pen and paper will always do the job without fail. Today, I heard a 2021 study showed taking notes in writing is more effective than inputting them into a tech gadget. There is a famous saying “If you can write down the issue that has occurred, you are half away from the solution”. It says people can write down whatever they have absorbed fully.

So, always carry a pen and notebook with you and you can use them to note down the most important things you notice throughout anything you experience every day. It will help you to improve your knowledge in any matter and help to increase your decision-making ability. Specially, entrepreneurs are problem solvers and creative people. So, creative people often miss valuable thoughts within seconds due to the complex holistic viewpoint of everything. For example, I miss hundreds of good ingredients for creative work every day. Whatever you see in my platforms is the stuff I could immediately note down somewhere for further studies.

4) Calculator

Calculators are some of the most underrated tools in the modern business World. Many people think, you have a calculator in your iPhone or your Macbook and you will never need a physical calculator. But it is wrong. When it comes to sales and quick math needs, it’s not productive to use a phone or Macbook. It is always much faster and more productive to have a separate calculator on your desk.

It’s like having a Microwave oven and an Electric oven. Both do the heating process and yet their functions are slightly different. So, use gadget calculators when you are not around the desk and hard to reach the physical calculator. However, do the maths in the Calculator whenever it is available. For example, you can always check your Excel sheet or financial app or something with your physical calculators. The reason is computer computer-generated programs work with complex variables. Sometimes, those complex nature allow room for errors. A good old calculator always tells you the exact simple maths.

5) Appointment Calender /Diary/App

Appoint diaries aren’t popular nowadays. However, the function of those diaries cannot let go. Your time is limited and you should not allow anything unlimited time. It might cause you to miss some important things.

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You should limit your appointments in your daily schedule and also you can manage how much time you allocate for each party or person per month. I am not a big fan of following pre-arranged or pre-announced plans. However, it’s important to have things on record to change things later on. For this, you can use an iOS calendar, Google Calendar, an app, or even a Diary.

So these are the 5 underrated things you need to have in your business essential tools. I am bringing lots of knowledge every day via my website here or on my podcast. You can enjoy these and leave feedback on my social media pages. Stay tuned for more.

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