Navigating NYC Real Estate: Celebrity New York Realtor Cash Jordan’s way of finding your next investment in NYC

Embarking on the journey of purchasing an apartment in New York City not only fulfils the dream of having a home in the vibrant capital of the Universe but also opens doors to a lucrative investment opportunity. Cash Jordan is the top celebrity realtor in New York that offers beginner-level investment opportunities in the real estate industry in New York City. Discover the keys to unlocking your ideal living space and a smart investment for the future, all through the lens of a seasoned vlogger’s perspective.

Affordable New York City Real Estates for Rent or Buy

Cash Jordan became a popular realtor vlogger in New York City, by promoting insanely affordable apartment rental offers. He became the top all-budget apartment hunting guide in New York City, USA. However, his content now helps us to find the best bet for purchasing a new apartment in NYC or a townhouse in NYC. Apartments, Townhouses, Penthouses and Estates are flooding into his channel and guaranteed insightful information for a beginner investor who seeks to buy their first property in NYC as a future investment. Today, my article primarily focuses on introducing this guy to people who seek insightful investor data before going and buying an apartment in New York City. Many people will wonder, why on earth we should watch these apartment tours as we have formal investor data via Wall Street Journals. But, my understanding of the World of Information is way different than the popular opinion. I have been in the information, media, publishing and news industry for more than a decade. So, I highly recommend you to go off-road if you need accurate and reliable information about any industry. No exceptions for Real Estate Investments in New York City.

Cash Jordan has been active in the creator industry since 2020. Even though he created his YouTube channel, he started his serious content in 2020 when COVID-19 hit the world. I could navigate to Cash Jordan through another very successful realtor and content creator Erik Conover. Erik is also a hell of a character to talk about in a different article. However, I easily recognized the value of Cash Jordan’s content as he offered Raw, less edited, insightful and detailed information about the apartments, penthouses, townhouses and other properties that he was offering for rent at the beginning and also in sales matters.

Nature of the property

Cash Jordan does not hesitate to uncover the true status of the property which we rarely see in any kind of sales talk. His content guaranteed the true nature of the property and no mask on anything. It’s all about being honest about the pros and cons of his product. There is nothing without downsides and upsides. So, Cash Jordan decided to be honest to expose both sides without putting a negative feel on his presentation. That’s his skill and to our benefit, we can judge the situation well. He never exaggerates small rooms or tiny bathrooms to show them as a bigger one. He simply accepts the facts and tells us the truth in a creative way.

By getting a proper understanding of the nature of the property, you get a better understanding of the particular building, and particular neighbourhood as well. That understanding eventually led you to widen your gaze on certain types of buildings and properties available in New York. So, you will seek your next property like a pro who visited several properties and areas before. So, Cash Jordan’s YouTube Channel is your primary class for understanding the nature of NYC properties.

Pricing and Budgeting

When you know the price vs what you get, you can easily make your budget decisions. First, you will not be surprised by anything. Second, you will not fall into a price trap or fake prices. Either you rent or buy, you can set your goals for your first proeprty and the second property. If you seek to buy, you can set your first investment and what it looks like the return you are going to get by renting and so on. If you are renting a place, you can plan how you are going to start your NYC dream and the second step to level up your life in future. So, Cash Jordan’s content can be useful to both renters and buyers.

Real-time feeling

There are lots of Real Estate Vloggers in New York City. But the style of Cash Jordan shows how it’s going to feel when you live in the property. He walks from the nearest public transportation and shows the real-time experience from subway to doorstep. He shows the options available for basic needs. That’s a big pro for people like me. I have been fooled several times by not getting a real-time walk-through before renting an office or home. The orchestrated journey with an agent and the real-life walkthrough was different in many cases. That’s why I felt his walk-throughs are so useful for renters or even buyers. In the case of renting, you are a bit on the safe side. At least you can change the place. But the buyers are taking a huge risk.

Also, Cash Jordan shows how it feels like to enter the building and enter the property in a real POV. Also, he suggests and recreates the imaginary furniture, ground planning, day day-to-day experiences. Also, he includes dimensions, noise levels, views, natural lights, practical challenges, how it feels to have housemates and many more. So, it’s worth watching a couple of dozen videos before you settle down or invest in New York City. You may not be going to buy or rent from him. Yet you know what to expect in most cases. More importantly, you will know where to look, what to ask and what to double check with his years of experience behaviour on an apartment check.

Cash Jordan

At the moment of writing this article, He has created 1,000 videos for his channel with 739,000 subscribers. Just a quarter away from 1 million whopping subscribers. I started to watch his videos in the very early stages of his channel and I was lucky to be his loyal early subscriber on his fast journey on YouTube.

However, I strongly recommend you not to take his dining advice. Probably he hates big corporation businesses and we love big businesses building here on Also, I believe he does love sweet foods and that’s why criticizes most fast food chains. My girlfriend is also the same. Most sweet food lovers simply criticize chain restaurants just because they don’t like savoury. And his comments on some current affairs, and social matters and his relationship pieces of advice are also terrible. However, his parenting pieces of advice aren’t that bad.

Cash Jordan is among my favourite New York City YouTubers and his content helps for beginning Real Estate Investors who are looking for investment opportunities in New York City, United States of America.

Make money! Be Happy!

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