Investment Tips: Your Ultimate Guide to the Top Investment Advisor on YouTube for Elite Real Estate Ventures in the USA

Venturing into American luxury real estate represents the next level of your real estate investment journey. Despite the entry price point in the US luxury real estate market starting at millions of dollars, it remains a high-return and stable choice within the real estate sector. If you are a newcomer, you need some extensive understanding before stepping into the game. There are many ways to do that and yet I recommend an informal way to do it for heightened comprehension. Making investments involves risks and you need to be confident that you are getting the right consultation and also you have done your homework. So, the modern way of studying “YouTube” has a ton of resources for your reference.

Among all of them, I rank “Erik Conover” as the Top Luxury Real Estate Touring YouTuber for Investment Insights. Let’s learn about this multi-million subscribers-owned celebrity realtor who tours multi-million dollar real estate.

He covers hotspots

Erik Conover covers “from billionaire’s row in New York City to Beverly Hills, Los Angeles” and “from Miami, Florida to Aspen, Colorado”. Even though Erik started his outstanding journey as a variety YouTuber from New York City, his channel slowly pushed to a luxury realtor role and he covers top luxury real estate hotspots in the United States of America and beyond. He has already done some of the unique luxury real estate in Europe as well.

So, when you become his subscriber, you receive unique fingertip access to some of the best properties in those hotspots while you are comfortable on your couch at your home. When we put this hotspot into context, they are at least a thousand miles or more away from each other. Beverly Hills to Manhattan, crossing the entire North American continent. yet, you enjoy insights into these high-end market properties with zero-mile trips. So, that is one of the top reasons for today’s blog.

Attention to detail

Compared with other luxury realtors, Erik Conover uses highly sophisticated glamorous pictures in his productions. Also, do not forget to show properties in detail. From the bird’s eye view, accessibility, and privacy of the estate or the penthouse to the unique marble used in the bathroom, kitchen amenities, and ceiling granite textures are also covered.

So, when you are into a property even if it wasn’t from Erik’s channel, you know exactly how to check the accessibility issues, the privacy of your future estate and the view guarantee by not having future developments in Aspen or whether your bathroom marbles are Italian. Simply, you know how, when and what to ask from your realtor. If you are not a fancy house lover yet, you will see available options other than having a typical box-type American luxury modern smart house. Perhaps, you are waiting to see your dream property without knowing that kind of property exists. If you are a person who lives in New York, you might have some crazy idea to run top-noche high-end vacation homes that bring quick and big returns. With Erik, you can have a pretty insight understanding of whether you need Hollywood-demanded Beverly Hill or the Snowcap Swiss Alps-type Aspen, Colorado or the Caribbean-kind Miami for your new business.

Million Dollar Budgeting

Erik Conver tours crazy multi-million dollars worth of real estate. And yet he gives the real scale of this business with real numbers and contact information of the dealers for your direct access. Even though we present his course to show how big those properties are in numbers sometimes it uncovers how affordable some properties are than we think. For example, People who live in New York or any other part of the World might have exaggerated pricing ideas about Miami Beverly Hills or Aspen Colorado properties. We all know how expensive to have a property in New York and even the numbers are being discussed by many people. But it is not the same with Beverly Hills and the other two hotspots. In some cases, it makes more sense to buy from one than the other as an investment when we watch these through from the eye of a professional like Erik Conver. He always loves to put things in context as real-life examples to ease your way of making your investment decisions.

Investments become workable when numbers are written in the correct context. So, Erik’s channel might be a good shot for your current or future investment plans. Or if you just love luxury properties as I do, you can go through and find your ideal home to add to your plans.

Why Real Estates?

According to Harvard University, Global Real Estate is valued at more than 230 trillion by becoming the World’s largest asset class and passing the combined value of GDPs World’s largest economies US and China. Also, many other sources show global real estate value is the largest in any kind of asset. However, it is crucial to find how and where to invest. Unlike other assets, like stocks, bonds, shares, cryptocurrencies, NFTs and more, real estate is a tangible asset. Also, the historical figures show despite the small ups and downs, real estate values go up and never come down. It’s highly unlikely to lose your asset due to any illegal activity like fraud, robbery or theft. Also, you can repurpose, develop and add value to your assets as well. Also, it’s easy to liquidify with banks or direct buyers.

Say Hello to “Erik Conover”

Erik Conover is known by many titles. More than anything, he is a content creator. Currently, his YouTube channel holds a whopping 2.5 million subscribers. He started his YouTube journey in 2016 as a variety content creator. He is also an actor and a documentary filmmaker and you can read about his career on IMDb.

His works made headlines on Daily Mail UK, New York Post, Metro UK and a few other major news outlets as well. So, if you like to see his journey in depth, I found this article on DailyVoice “How YouTube helped Erik to become billion-dollar deal closures“.

Erik Conover is an inspirational character for my readers who need asperation, he is a good one to go through. In this video he talks about the journey he came across and why left few old videos to remind his journey to him and everyone when he refurbished his channel.

Also, I recommend you to watch his apartment videos for more stuff about his early life and the journey from zero to hero. And if you are interested in his scale in real estate, watch this video about a 1 billion dollar house video.

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