“Discover the Brand in You” 10 rules to follow to begin your personal branding journey

“Discover the Brand in You” if you still hesitate to start your journey to become a brand. Why do you need to be a brand? I did my first article on “Self Branding” topic to raise the concern about it. You may click on the above question and read that article first before you start the 10 rules to start your personal branding journey.

To begin your personal branding journey, you must follow these 10 rules to shape up your minds. Self-branding is not for everyone and is not endorsed by everyone. That’s why I just need to do an article to introduce 10 rules to prepare your mindset for the journey. Being a brand is something you stand out from the crowd. So, you must be ready to stand alone. You need to develop your ability to handle the pressure of stand-alone. For example, if you want to be the shining star of the entire room or the hall, you are going to be different and so special than the other 5, 10, or 100 people in the venue. The same theory works in real life. If you want to be a brand, you are not going to live like the majority of people in society. So, you are going to be cool about it. It’s the price we have to pay on your journey to “Discover the Brand in You”.

Belief in Yourself: Develop unwavering confidence in your abilities and what you have to offer. Trust that you have unique qualities and expertise worth sharing with the world.

1) Accept that the society doesn’t like this:

First thing first. You need to understand that your society doesn’t like the concept of self-branding. Most people simply hate and also love personal brands. People simply love you because of your charisma and the things that they can adopt as lessons for their personal growth. However, at the same time, they have a bit of jealousy and self sympathy that the distance which has created between the place they hold and their inability to reach it. You just need to accept it and you are not going to expect their approval for anything. When you are going to disregard their approval or disapproval, that’s the exact reason and the moment they are going to accept and approve it.

Most of the time in life, we swap the result and action. Some people think they need to be rich to start a business. In reality, you need to start a business to have money and be rich. Not the other way around. To be a winner, you need to try with the preparation to accept a failure or a success. There is no way to start until we get a guarantee to be a winner. Only guarantees to be a winner, just avoiding giving up. But, the majority of people need a guarantee to win at once until they wait and that’s why they don’t try.

02) Ownership of Your Narrative:

Take control of how you are perceived by crafting your narrative. Don’t leave it to chance or others’ opinions. Define who you are and what you stand for. By the end of the day, People know the way you present yourself and people are going to believe what you believe in yourself as your actions, behaviors, body language, outfits, opinions, and choice of words are going to communicate them, and how you see yourself. So, create the best version of yourself. It’s not easy and it is a process and journey that never ends. Take your time and level yourself up step by step. That’s what I do and that’s the only way from my point of view to follow this rule.

3) Embracing Vulnerability:

Understand that vulnerability can be a strength. Share your experiences, including failures and challenges, authentically. This builds trust and relatability with your audience. Once you understand your weaknesses, even though you just don’t need to communicate with other people you can manage those weaknesses with various strategies. For example, you can find some other people to recover those weaknesses. That’s why famous people have mentors, a PR team, a sales team, and even an administration team.

4) Embracing Failure as Growth:

Shift your perspective on failure. Instead of seeing it as a setback, view it as an opportunity for growth and learning. Failure is not a reflection of your worth but a stepping stone towards success. Barrack Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, J.K. Rowling, Michael Jordan, Jim Cerry, Tom Cruise, Shah Rukh Khan, Steve Harvey, and many more other public figures talk about this and I don’t want to write more about this. This is a basic fundamental for everything.

Unfortunately, Schools do not teach this. I wasn’t aware “It’s okay to fail” until I turned 25 years old. The absence of that small but important lesson in my life took 25 years of precious time that I could’ve used more productively.

5) Overcoming Fear of Judgment:

Let go of the fear of judgment from others. Recognize that not everyone will resonate with your brand, and that’s okay. Focus on connecting with your target audience instead. When I was 11 years old, my media teacher told me, to just be confident about yourself as you are getting on the stage to speak to people who are scared to death to get on the stage. So, once you step on the stage, you are almost superior to them.Some people will argue that this is a narcissistic thought. I don’t care about those opinions. You just let others define any way they like. After 70-80 or 120 years, we are going to lose our footprint on this planet Earth. If you want to leave a legacy, just stop others’ judgments. They are going to be dead in the next 100+ years. So, who cares? Your attempt to keep your name alive isn’t worth taking dead opinions.

6) Taking Initiative:

Stop waiting for permission or validation to start building your brand. Take initiative and proactively seek out opportunities to showcase your expertise and talents. Start today and influence everywhere as much as you can. There will not be a better time than today, and right now.

7) Consistent Action over Perfection:

Avoid getting caught up in perfectionism. Instead, prioritize taking consistent action toward your goals. Done is better than perfect, and progress is more important than perfection. Making sure that your presence is more important than delivering perfect output sometimes. Feature on every possible space offline or online. Try to build your name everywhere in every conversation. Small acts that continue more often will build a huge wave.

8) Embracing Self-Promotion:

Shift your mindset around self-promotion. Understand that promoting yourself is not arrogant but necessary for building visibility and credibility in your industry. Present yourself as a giant and add your pictures, videos, logos, name, or whatever reminds of you everywhere. Ask other people to include these whenever you can.

9) Long-Term Perspective:

Cultivate a long-term perspective on your self-branding journey. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will you as a brand. Stay committed to the process and trust that your efforts will yield results over time. When you can believe in yourself for a very long time, it is initiating and influencing other people to believe in you and believe in what you present as your brand. Then it becomes a fact. That’s the only way we saw throughout history.

If philosophers, entrepreneurs, religious leaders, and innovators waited until others built the value around them or their teachings or their innovations, the World wouldn’t have developed as much as the way we see a today. If Sheikh Maktoum hadn’t done a hard brand-building campaign to build his city Dubai as an icon, it would be an unknown desert forever. I am sure people would laugh at Dubai those days and still some people laugh at Dubai and the vision of Dubai.

“Even the best books, artists, and movies on Earth have tons of critics, Put your shit out there.”

Lori Harder

So, there is no perfect person, brand, company, book, movie, star, city, country, or religion that doesn’t have critics. So, why you are planning to live a critics-free life? It won’t happen.

10) Be serious about your thing:

People simply used to underestimate themselves. Be serious about your self-promoting things that include, flyers, banners, videos, Facebook or Instagram posts, photos that you or your friends put on Facebook for public views, your appearances, your outfits, the time you spend in certain places, your presence in certain places, the time you give each phone call and even the access to you.

Take these things very seriously. Be generous! Be humble! that’s okay. But don’t allow anyone to misuse you in any way. You take yourself very seriously and slowly other people will take you very seriously as well.

I am openly sharing this information with you for a reason. The reason is this content won’t be noticed by 96% of the people. If they even notice, they won’t bother to read in full. The majority of the people hold natural resistance to the stuff they don’t need to know. That allows me to freely share these secret tactics with you who need this content to build yourself as a brand.

So, if you reach this level of the article, you are invited to let me know that as a special person who belongs to 4% club via my social media.

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