Why do you need to be a brand?

The word “Brand” is usually associated with the name or logo that entity sells a product or a service. Why do you need to be a brand? Let’s learn what a is brand and why you need to become a brand nowadays. As I always say, this is not for 96% of the World population that I consider ordinary people. This is exclusively for 4% of the world population who believe that they are born special people. No matter what you do where you live or what kind of situation you go through, if you are born special and you believe in that, you will be a special person until you die.

Ancient Mesopotamia is the place where called the birthplace of modern urban civilization of mankind. Even in that particular civilization, we can see some “seals” and “stamps” that represented various entities which is the early stage of branding. In Egypt, we could see a clear brand symbol such as royal symbol and seal, elites and their brands. Also, religious entities often carry brands. In Egyptian history, we can see the branded areas and items that mean who owns certain things. Egyptian hieroglyphs on pottery that dated back to 3,100 BC – 332 BC (BC means Before Christ) are the earliest known commercially branded items that show the workshop’s identity. Greek Amphora Stamps that date back to 800 BC to 100 BC also have some clear evidence of commercial workshops and/or quality assurance brands. In the time of the Romans, it became something we usually use as a brand. Lyceum and Academia are also two education brands that are run by two famous personal brands Aristotle and Plato.

Garum, a fermented fish sauce, was a popular condiment in the Roman Empire. Some producers, like Umbricius Scaurus, became famous for their specific recipe and quality, even exporting their products across the Mediterranean. While they wouldn’t have had logos in the modern sense, their reputation and association with a particular location or producer likely influenced purchasing decisions.

This is the era of Personal Brands

With the development of communication and mass media including social media, the power of personal brands took a spike. It’s not so accurate to narrate it as the “End of the Era of Corporation”, the general population started to rely on personal brands instead of corporations. Late 19th century to the Early 21st century, people relied on corporations. They believed in corporations. And still, we believe in corporations. But, the exclusive trust in corporations is long gone. So, it’s the time for personal brands. People believe in Elon Musk, not solely in “Tesla” or “Space X”. People rely on Mark Zuckerberg’s vision and not just Meta. People trust celebrities and their endorsements. That’s why Qatar or the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia believed that bringing in Sport Star/s may improve their Public Image. Shah Rukh Khan could establish a good image of the United Arab Emirates in Wealthy Indians who attracted investors, inventors, dream seekers, and tourists. SRK could successfully change the American Dream in India to the Dubai Dream. Nas Daily is also on a mission to bring back the glory of Singapore in PR and he works with the UAE government on similar goals.

So, becoming a brand as a persona is more important than ever. But, this idea isn’t good for everyone. People like me, are happy to endorse and encourage people who have a similar mindset which may easily be misunderstood as “Arrogant” or “Self-Oriented”.

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Positive impact on your career or business/es

If you are doing a business or pursuing a career, it is important to build a personal brand to connect with your target audience. When you have a strong relationship with your customers in any way, it is so stronger than any advertising campaign (even my company Ask Lanka could create) possibly could create.

People would easily convert into loyal customers when you have a direct bond in some way. It can be a social media, it can be just presenting yourselves at the business premises or directly at the catering service or product. Some online sellers include a personal note in their packaging. Some authors sell their books with their signatures by raw ink and hand. Some people send promo emails with the CEO’s message. So, you are involved in this process with or without understanding that you are a part of a personal brand-building effort.

The best example is Elon Musk who might reply to your tweet. Barrack Obama, Narendra Sri Modi, Donald Trump, Rishi Sunak, Justin Trudeau, and Sheik Maktoum are also some famous examples of personal brands who keep a continuous dialogue with the general public beyond just politics.

Royalty Income

When you develop income streams, Royalty income is one of the major sources of income that you need to develop. (Read my article about 7 types of income that you need to develop). Royalty income is something that you just earn by being yourselves. For example, if you are the author of a book, owner of a patent, author of a song, or similar kind of work that pays you a lifetime. And it’s the income that you receive when you are invited to a speech or training session etc. Royalty income is just paid for your lifetime achievements or one of your work that was done once. Your effort isn’t recurring like your day job or the business.

Let me take a few people as examples. Nas Daily is one of the key people on social media who is popular for his one-minute storytelling. So Nas can earn money just by featuring in events or even promotions. Nas developed several royalty businesses including his book, his travel company that started in 2024, his t-shirts, and so on. Robert Kiyosaki earn lots of money from his book’s copyrights delivering speeches and appearing content.

Influencing Power

Power is one of the key elements that bring satisfaction to human nature. It may not be for everyone, however, it is something that may be related to some people. So, influencing power is also a key benefit of self-branding that brings “Self Satisfaction”, “Monetary Value”, “Social Value” and “Risk Management Addon”.

Self-satisfaction solely serves as a non-tangible benefit to the person who successfully achieves self-branding goals. Many people are afraid or deceptive to accept their satisfaction by gaining power. So, I am happy to be honest that accepting “Gain Power” satisfies some of us. Also when we are influential enough to influence, we can monetize that influence power on our courses and others’ courses. And also we can use that influential power for social goodwill. People like Leonardo DiCaprio use his Hollywood popularity to promote “Support Planet’ courses. Figures like Royals, Hollywood and Bollywood stars, and internet stars like “Mr Beast” use this power for good courses all the time. Also, we can use this as a “Risk Management Tool” to lobby people and corporations to make sure things go right.

Many people see networking, lobbying, and influencing as bad deeds. I believe it is perfectly okay to use these skills in a framework that complies with moral standards and legal conditions. It’s so funny to discuss these things in so exclusive Point of View disregarding the social behaviors of the human race.

Leaving a legacy

Building a career or a business, and becoming wealthy and powerful aren’t all for some people. If you look back the history, we can see some key figures such as Alexandar the Great, Ferrucio Lamborgini, Thomas Alva Eddison, Cleopatra, Julius Caesar, Leonardo Davinci, Michelangelo, Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King, and Nelson Mandela who openly discussed and so obsessed with their course to leave a legacy.

It is perfectly natural when an ordinary person can not understand and even underestimate someone’s interest in leaving a legacy. However, personal branding is important in the case of your interest to leave a legacy. Even though many people such as I mentioned above and more who talked about leaving a legacy, many people did not openly discuss and yet are interested in leaving their names on their inventions or companies or places. That is also the same thing in some perspectives even though some key figures openly didn’t admit their obsessions to leave a legacy.

However, if you are carrying obsessions such as we discussed hear, you need to learn about self-brand. You may not carry all of the above interests, but if you need one of the above 5 facts we discuss to be accomplished in your lifetime, you are on a journey to “Discover the brand in You”. So, be honest with your own desires as I share my point of view honestly before I invite you to join my blog series “Discover the Brand in You”.

Anuradha bernard

By Bernard

Feb 24, 2024

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