Success Stories: 10 successful newly started Fashion Startups in North America and Europe

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Discover the blooming fashion startups that soared to success with minimal investment and new world strategies! Join us as we delve into the youngest top 10 fashion brands that captivated the North American and European markets in the past decade. These dynamic brands prove that age is just a number when it comes to making a significant impact in the fashion industry on a global scale.

When we explore the fashion industry, China and Russia maintain their censored policy over information and I have no resources to collect data to include them in my most of works. So, unfortunately, I have no choice but to prioritize the Western World as the global standard.

Let’s consider the list of the 10 most highlighted fashion brands that started recently as startups.

1) Everlane

  • Founders: Michael Preysman & Jesse Farmer
  • City of Origin: San Francisco, United States of America
  • Founded Year: 2010
  • Estimated Revenue: US$ 400 Million (Estimated)

This American Fashion Brand was founded in 2010 as an online fashion brand and quickly transformed into a physical store as well. The brand’s specialty was its transparency and sustainability in pricing and sourcing. As a modern-day consumer choice, the direct-to-customer model was their business model at the beginning. In addition to those specialties, they offered a good price point as a result combination of those “good samaritan practices and newcomer tactics. It’s a relatively new brand that accomplished huge success in a competitive American consumer market. Women’s and Men’s: Shoes, clothing, bags, and accessories are among their primary inventory. It says they have 11 outlets across the United States of America. The last recorded revenue was US$ 40 million in 2017 and is estimated at US$ 400 million by Feb 2024.

2) Reformation

  • Founder: Yael Aflalo
  • City of Origin: Los Angeles, United States of America
  • Founded Year: 2009
  • Estimated Revenue: US$ 500 Million (Estimated)

Forbes featured a “slow-fashion” brand that exclusively focuses on revolutionary women’s fashion choices founded in 2009. Since the beginning, they have promised low-impact fashion choices for the high-impact American fashion consumer world. Using upcycled materials and locally manufactured products. Beyond their promise, it’s a B Crop-certified brand. The low-impact business model isn’t the only marketing effort that they have enforced in their young history. They managed to get endorsements from celebrities such as Rihana, Tailor Swift, Karlie Kloss etc. In the Fashion market in the United States, is ranked #192 with more than US$100m in 2022. As the end of the Covid and huge upside boost on the market trends, it says US$ 500 million is their estimated yearly revenue for Feb 2024. However, I am doubtful about the estimate and yet it shouldn’t be less than US$ 300 million.

3) Warby Parker

  • Founders: Neil Blumenthal, Dave Gilboa, & Jeffrey Raider
  • City of Origin: New York City, United States of America
  • Founded Year: 2010
  • Estimated Revenue: US$ 650 Million (2022 their financial report)

Warby Parker is a next-generation eyewear retail brand that established itself as a solid brand in the market in a short period. They skipped the traditional sales channel and Direct-to-customer online sales strategy used to reduce the cost and make high-quality fashionable eyewear for both prescribed and fashion purposes. So they gain a reputation for providing high-quality and trendy products for competitive prices. They also conducted fair trade policies such as cutting off sales channels, employee welfare, and charity to make everyone get a chance to enjoy the vision aids with the support of community-run charity organizations.

Their UPS (Unique Selling Point) was to allow customers to enjoy the In-Store Try-On experience at home. When you buy a pair, you will get 5 frames delivered and you can choose one and return the rest within a nominal period such as 5-7 business days. This is a revolutionary feature for next-generation eyewear retail brands. According to their financial reports, they have boosted their yearly revenue up to US$ 0.65 Billion.

4) Glossier

  • Founder:Emily Weiss
  • City of Origin:New York City, United States of America
  • Founded Year:2014
  • Estimated Revenue:US$ 275 Million (2023 projection)

Glossier is a makeup and skincare brand that was founded by former fashion media professional Emily Weiss in 2014 as a small online startup. She had her fashion and personal care blog “Into the Gloss” already that launched with her experiences in W Magazine and Vogue when she decided to cater to her readers with newly introduced products with love and care. Even though it was started as an online startup, they managed to develop it into 12 stores where located across the continental United States and London as their first non-US store.

Supply transparency, natural ingredients, minimalistic packaging, and in-depth analysis with real-life conversations via Into the Gloss community are among the leading secrets to their success. The brand wasn’t created and later fed to the community. Instead, they created the brand top of the demand.

To be honest, I just saw their tagline is  “Beauty products inspired by real life” and I did write the above paragraph without knowing that tagline.

5) Wales Bonner

  • Founder: Grace Wales Bonner
  • City of Origin:London, United Kingdom
  • Founded Year:2014
  • Estimated Revenue:US$ 5 Million (Estimated revenue by studying online sources)

Grace Wales Bonner, an award-winning British Fashion Designer is the founder of Wales Bonner which was founded in 2014 same year Grace graduated. Her graduate collection received the L’Oréal Professional Talent Award in 2014. It’s not fair to dedicate the majority of space in these couple of paragraphs to explain the awards and recognitions she received. Her philosophy of “Wales Bonner” brand is to promote “Afro-Atlantic” men’s fashion. It’s so unique to see a woman designer who exclusively designs men’s wear. However, I won’t be surprised as my partner is also an amateur fashion designer and she decide my clothing quite well.

Wales Bonner brand also collaborates with Addidas as well. Wales Bonner is best known for its preppy bohemian aesthetic in men’s wear, sportswear, and footwear as well. Elegance for everyday wardrobe is their philosophy in most cases. Grace was born in 1990 and she is so popular in the industry as being Silicone Valley’s “Mark Zuckerberg” of the London Fashion Arena which represents the fast-growing young entrepreneur and innovator. It says that the company uses Organic cotton for some products. When most of the brands use environmental sustainability as their brand promotion tactic, their main concern is making positive changes for diversity acceptance in society. Wales Bonner is a young and successful brand that could establish their own identity among English fashion consumers that annually spends over 58 Billion British pounds.

6) House of Sunny

  • Founder: Sunny Williams
  • City of Origin: London, United Kingdom
  • Founded Year: 2019
  • Estimated Revenue: US$ 3.3 – 5 Million (Estimated revenue by studying online sources)

House of Sunny, is an English everyday clothing brand that produces women’s and men’s clothing inspired by vintage casual wear with bold colours and colourful prints. As a relatively young brand, House of Sunny could achieve remarkable progress over its short history. *Influencer market8ing i8s one of thei88r key methods to reach the8i8r dedicated patronage.

According to their policies, they support animal welfare and responsible manufacturing practices. Also, their new tech denim reduces water consumption from 8000L to 800L per 100-piece batch of denim trousers by a significant amount of water usage. Also, their garment bags for clothing are 100% biodegradable. Also, they use recycled materials for many sectors including their all logos on garments. They also promise a good work environment for their employees and employees at their suppliers and partners as they work with people who share similar values. Overall their course is to fulfil their customer’ desires to align with the latest fashion trends while minimizing the impact on the environment by reducing carbon footprint. It says the company revenue is less than 5 Million British pounds annually and we couldn’t find any official statement or report on that matter.

7) Gabriela Hearst

  • Founder: Gabriela Hearst
  • City of Origin: Uruguay Designer in New York City, United States of America
  • Founded Year: 2015
  • Estimated Revenue: US$ 21.4 Million (25 Million average)

After eleven years working in design, Hearst became a member of the CFDA in 2012. In the fall of 2015, Hearst launched her eponymous label: Gabriela Hearst. The brand has been compared as an American competitor to Hermès for its high-quality and fine use of garments. Even though it’s relatively new, the World Fashion Channel says, is the prime brand that comes to mind when we talk about American sustainable fashion brands.

According to Gabriela Hearst, her brand creates products built on the principles of timelessness, uncompromising quality, and sustainability. Gabriela Hearst runs official exclusive 3 stores in London, which is their only global store outside of the continental United States, and also in the West Coast celebrity district “Beverly Hills” and finally their brand’s hometown Manhattan, New York. However, I found news that said Gabriela Hearst opened her first-ever boutique store at Hyundai premises in Seoul, South Korea.

8) Stand Studio

  • Founder: Nellie Kamras
  • City of Origin: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Founded Year: 2014
  • Estimated Revenue: No Data

Stand Studio was founded by Nellie Kamras in 2014 to meet the demand for expertly designed, high-fashioned leather pieces at accessible prices. Since then, they managed to keep their promise to offer very strict sustainable promises as usual in the Scandinavian new woke trend. Vegan materials reduce the impact on the manufacturing process among their key goals while maintaining the finest quality materials and trend alignments.

I found no physical store exclusively run by the brand which may be due to reduce the carbon footprint. Also, the brand maintains its e-commerce presence for a direct-to-customer style business model. Scandinavian countries are well known for their harsh winters and clothing is crucial in their culture. So, brands like Stand Studio make their maximum effort to balance the full fill the need and reduce the impact.

9) Hill House Home

  • Founder: Nell Diamond
  • City of Origin: New York City, United States of America
  • Founded Year: 2016
  • Estimated Revenue: US$ 5 Million (2022)

Hill House Fashion, the proud owner of Nap Dress® viral dress was founded as a comfy bedding company in 2016 by Nell Diamond, a 32-year-old millennial who passionated with Digital Life Style. Hill House Home is a digital-first lifestyle brand that touches with feminine glamour in most of its product range. Their founding policy was direct-to-customer and yet their online sales are boosting a huge fraction it seems. The viral dress “Nap Dress® became a viral phenomenal fashion trend that led to becoming a wedding dress in several cases as well. Nell Diamond registered Nap Dress® as a trademark to save her courageous effort.

Even though it was a startup that started with an uncertain idea and just innovation to grow fast, now it has become a prime brand that primarily targets Millenials, Zellenials (Gen-Z and Millenial Intermediae people like they found), and Gen Zs who seek comfort in their lifestyle choices.

10) Loud Bodies

  • Founder: Patricia Luiza Balraj
  • City of Origin: Cluj Napoca, Romania
  • Founded Year: 2018
  • Estimated Revenue: No Data

LOUDBODIES is a clothing brand founded by Patricia Luiza Blaj, driven by her need to prove that style has no size and to make ethically produced sustainable clothing of all sizes available to people everywhere.

Loud Bodies promises to maintain its ethical practices and sustainable efforts as a Brand based on a philosophy. Their products and ranges are now featured in most fashion publications, outlets, and news outlets like Yahoo News and World Fashion Channel to appreciate their approach to include everyone in the Fashion Industry. The fashion industry has harshly maintained some physical standards such as thin bodies for modeling etc for centuries. There are lots of movies, books documentaries, and stories that reveal the fashion industry’s exclusiveness on physical appearance. However, the last few decades have changed the point of view in most industries and the fashion industry had no exceptions. So, Loud Bodies is a brand that follow a philosophy of inclusiveness.

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