Introducing “Jesus Reunion” and its origin dates back to 2020

It is one of the darkest hours in recent World History. 2020 was an unforgettable year for most of us. Out of the most suffering countries in the World, Italy was getting the biggest hit. It says Italy was the fatal epicenter of the virus. Most of the elderly and sick people died. Itlay was the first red zone of the virus. There was no clue about solving the issue. No one knew what to do, how to treat, or when we get a vaccine. It was the holy week of Lent 2020. Most of us stayed home and had no way to go to celebrate masses or any other liturgical services.

I also listen to the mass Online. So, we were lucky enough to listen to the masses held in the Vatican, St Peter’s Basilica. St Peter’s Basilica is the biggest church on Planet Earth. Vatican City is one of the busiest cities in Europe due to daily pilgriimages and italian visitors who come to attend to Pope’s mass or public appearances.

Due to the COVID-19 impact, movements within Vatican walls were restricted. Only the city staff and the church staff were allowed to stay and even they couldn’t have any interactions with homes or outsiders. So, these masses we listened to were limited to very few number of participants. However, millions of people watched them online.

A Rev Sister called, Bernadette did the most of live English interpretations via EWTN or Vatican Media Channels. One day in the holy week of 2020 Lent, exactly March 27, 2020, late evening, Pope Francis celebrated a mass. It was done outside of the Basilica where the usual Papal Audience happened.

St Peter’s Square was empty and it was an intense feeling to the people who watched and to the Pope I guess. St Peter’s Square can easily accommodate a whopping 300,000 People. It’s more than twice the size of the biggest stadium in the World “Rungrado Stadium, Pyongyang, North Korea. On the other hand, St Peter’s Basilica can accommodate over 60,000 people.

So, this massive square was dark, rainy, and intensely empty. Pope celebrated the mass, alone. a couple of staff and couple of people were there and they weren’t even visible when compared to the vast emptiness in the massive square.

“Pope Francis i” is the head of the Catholic church and directly leads 1.3 Billion people on Planet Earth. He is the spiritual leader of that 1.3 Billion and also a well-reputed person easily among another couple of billion people. But that night, But that night, God made him walk alone, face the uncertainty, darkness, rain, and hopeless night alone. So, that day I realized the meaning of being a Catholic Priest. No one ever thinks that whoever holding the Papal crown won’t face the everyday challenge that a priest who serves a small secluded community in a corner of the World.

I was not alone. Right after the mass, I saw the headlines across the World Press. Many editors wrote their headlines saying “Pope Francis hosted a dramatic service at Empty St Peter’s Square”.

On that day, I decided that I needed to spend some time with the God who gave me everything that I enjoy today. So, I started a small Facebook page that hosts very limited content for Catholic Youth or any person who is interested in God and who wants to be reunited with God. I named it “Jesus Reunion”. It says reuniting with God Jesus Christ.

On the following Christmas time in 2020, I could read many YouTube comments just below the Christmas Carols videos, many people reuniting with god across the World. It’s not just because of Coronavirus. It’s just normal’ Some comments were pre-covid era. So, I was so sure about the name of my page. Just because of this name, many Catholics and friends thought that it was a non-catholic page. The reason is many other Christian communities use words with the same vibe of “Reunion”. However, I am a born Catholic, and yet I rediscovered my Catholic belief many times and I correctly aligned with God in 2017 or. Afterward, I never be worried about anything and I am getting blessings every day.

So, the Jesus Reunion page on Facebook is my contribution to God. You may follow it on Facebook and try to be a part of this campaign.


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