Anti-manifestation content that looks like a positive

Do you know that certain kinds of people “include” popular mentors, motivational speakers, psychologists, celebrities, entrepreneurs and more who don’t want to see other people grow? The “Red Flag” 🚩 Category is to illuminate that kind of opinion. I have no problem about having different opinions, yet I want to “mark” those opinions specifically, to avoid people who love to grow across the Globe.

If you notice something fishy from anywhere, you better distance yourself from those opinions as sometimes those things seem very positive, very energetic and very motivational. And it’s so logical to accept those and yet dangerous for your hard-built mindset.

Today, we are talking about Anti-manifestation opinions. Manifestation is endorsed by famous people such as

  • Bob Proctor – Canadian author and best known for this book and world-famous movie “The Secret”.
  • Jim Carrey – Hollywood Star, Award Winning Actor and Comedian
  • Donald Trump – Former US President and Current US President candidate and American Billionaire
  • Jim Rohn – American Entrepreneur and Author
  • Mel Robbins – She is an American Broadcaster and an author
  • Steve Harvey – American Broadcaster and Comedian
  • Will Smith – Hollywood Star, Award-winning actor

Check the below video if you cannot see it via this link:

and more. So, if you want, we can talk about very long list of very famous successful rich people who endorse this and who literary risk their reputation to talk about this.

This is a risky opinion to talk about. The law of attraction isn’t easy to master. The majority won’t experience it at all intentionally as they may not have the peace, capacity and knowledge to master this. But, these famous people risk their careers and reputation to talk about them. Let’s take people like Steve Harvey, Donald Trump and Jim Carrey. They have no reason to talk about this. They can literary keep their mouth shut with the experience and knowledge they They didn’t capitalize this knowledge. I took those three examples as they aren’t authors, they do not teach or capitalize this knowledge anyway (Even though capitalizing this knowledge isn’t a bad thing.

So, If you even don’t believe in the Law of Attraction and Manifestation, you can see that some of the people who witness it aren’t doing it for any kind of benefit. So, now we have a common ground that everybody including people doesn’t believe even realising that some famous successful rich people admire manifestation.

Now, we are moving to the second part of this blog…

Let’s see now what the subject opinions say and what’s the use of those opinions. Believing in manifestation isn’t a big issue to anyone and it’s not mandatory Overall, people would and wouldn’t believe it or follow it.

But, I have seen many videos about people who deliver speeches saying “Rich People do not act like Rich”. “Rich People always live, act and do things like poor”. These bunch of talks are directly targeting “People who manifest things and try to build their personality accordingly”.

I have one single question. “How productive these statements are?”. What they are trying to achieve by telling a bunch of nonsense like this? Let’s say some rich people dress modestly and act like poor, and never try to show off and so on. So, what is the purpose of communicating these things to the people who try to grow? The answer is there is no purpose other than to discourage people who try to level them up and align with a new class. Let’s say you are becoming a millionaire or leaving yourself to a new any kind of social or wealth level. These speeches are directly targeting people to avoid them aligning with the new reality.

These are direct shots against newcomers. I cannot find any kind of benefit in sharing these opinions on public platforms (offline or online). If someone has a strong useful counter-argument and tangible benefit of sharing these opinions, please contact me and educate me.

If you see these kinds of statements or speeches or the people holding these ideas, try to avoid them or avoid those as much as possible. I don’t know about the “Rich People” (air quote) that those haters speak about. So, I used a photograph of Asia’s richest man Mukesh Ambani’s son’s pre-wedding ceremony photograph to show how Rich people spend their lavish lifestyle while making a Bold statement that they are rich.

Before I wrap up this article, I will tell you a secret. I know some other types of people (Who aren’t popular enough to make statements in public and yet do in private conversations) who often use phrases like “Rich people don’t show off, rich people don’t act like they are rich so on.”.Those are the people who are intimidated or offended by your new achievements. Sometimes people who have no plan to grow any soon. These two kind of people also say the same in general.

It’s Anu Bernard. Stay focused and win…!

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