My first ever experience in the Law of Attraction

Does the law of attraction work? It is one of the most asked questions in recent history. So, I decided to write about my first ever known experience in the law of attraction. When I had my first identified experience with the law of attraction, I was nowhere near to know about the “law of attraction”. I got to know about the “Law of attraction” after a decade from the time that I am about to share today. I could classify this experience as an account of my journey with the Law of Attraction spanning half a decade since I first heard about it. Even after experiencing it intentionally long ago, I couldn’t realize that it works within us, whether or not I was conscious of it. Understanding something and Benefiting from something are two different things. So, In simple words, I got the understanding after some time I started to enjoy the benefits. For example, you will proudly drive a Lamborghini immediately after you purchase it and later on you will realize how fast you can go, how much fuel works when you drive this specific vehicle and also the doors that open for you when you own one.

When I was 13 years old. My 14th birthday was coming up. So, I decided that I had had enough and I needed a computer. Back in the day, computers were luxury things. In the city where I grew up, it was an ultra-luxury thing for elite kids. Only 3 people had computers in my class. less than 10 computer owners were there in my same grade among the hundreds of kids in parallel same-grade classes. We had parallel classes like in Grade 8 A, B, C D… My father was a building constructor and he wasn’t rich. Most of the computer owners among our age were kids of Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers or Big business people. It was a nearly impossible scenario to have a computer for me.

But I had two hopes that made me believe that I was going to have a computer anyway.

  1. I believed that I was a special one, a chosen one by God. And I will receive what I deserve by the grace of God. I had enough reasons to believe it as I could enjoy lots of blessings even though I couldn’t prove most of them in fair difference. (However, I realized that my faith wasn’t false and I am a chosen one by the time with the experiences and blessings I enjoy until today.)
  2. Even though I belong to the lower middle class or poor by economic status. My parents could make sure that myself and my sister get everything we need same as rich kids. We had the best uniforms, the best books and stationaries, and everything on time including school payments tuition fees etc. The only thing was our family didn’t have a car. Except for that one, everything we wanted.

Even though a computer was a big amount of money for my family, it wasn’t out of reach number like a Car. So, I checked the minimum cost to buy a computer. And I wrote it down. I estimated what else I needed, the total cost, brand, specifications and everything in writing.

In that year, I was 13 years old and the July summer month came to an End. I decided on the 1st of August, I am going to draw a cross on dates in a calendar until I get my computer. We had a major calendar that showed big numbers and one month on a page that needed to turn to the next month at every month’s end. I believe that the calendar should be available in the store room in our home in my hometown.

So I started the 1st of August. When I started this, my month screamed at me how many years would I think it would take to achieve this. So I said I would do this until I got this computer. My father was neutral about this. And my sister is also neutral about this. Neither of them didn’t say a word for or against it. Usually, my mother is scared to death to fail. So she is really scared to make decisions. So, she saw it as a nearly impossible one. She wasn’t wrong. Anyone who hears this might laugh at me after looking at the facts available to them on the 1st of August.

Dates and weeks passed. Meanwhile, a new used computer importing and retailing company called “Alpha Digital” came to our city. And their promotional mobile computer showroom coach roams around the city in various places for about two to three weeks. So, I was among the first people to get onto the bus and have a look. Not just once, I visited there for several days with my parents, with my friends and more. If you could see it today, it’s still a luxurious vehicle which was fully hotel carpeted, nice luxury interior, air conditioning, few computers from the used beginner range to the premium range with sales experts. Now I can understand that the company had invested seriously to sell loads of computers back in the day.

So, among those things, mid of a month, my father received a big contract from another city. I heard that he was getting paid well which might be enough to buy 4-5 computers when compared to my dream computer’s price for a couple of weeks. However, as a 13-year-old kid, I didn’t have a clue about the financing needs of a house. So, I believed my parents wouldn’t prioritize my things as it wasn’t seen as something they should do from all perspectives except my point of view. Everyone knows that I started my thing to wait well before we received this news. So, I never talk about my computer in the same context as that new news. I didn’t want to feel embarrassed.

So that part was over and my father returned home after the gig. So, a couple of days passed. Then, on a Friday night, I was called to a chat after dinner and they asked about my computer, how much it cost and how about the transportation etc. So, I have all the details in my hand. Then they confirmed that we were getting the computer. So, the next day, on a Saturday we went to the showroom.

I think it is one of the longest nights that I have had. I woke up around 5 AM. So, we went to the store. I was offered two options. One was a computer that was put on the desk horizontally and the monitor was on top of that. It is one of the oldest models of the computer. But, I didn’t like it. Instead, I needed a verticle one, that looks like a tower. But the salespeople told me it is a couple of points slower and yet I accepted the offer. So we brought the computer, and a couple of speakers as well.

It was a Branded Dell computer and also heavier than the computers that we find these days. Can you guess how many days passed from the 1st of August in that year which was the date that I started to count dates?

It wasn’t even a month passed. It was 27th of August. I counted and cut off only 26 days on the calendar.During those 26 days, I planned where to put the computer. I sit on the specific chair that I am about to sit with the computer and I dreamt about it. Literary I saw the computer there with me for the whole 26-day period. I still remember how my sister laughed at me when I tried to sit there and think about how I would move the mouse which wasn’t there at the moment and nowhere near a hope of receiving one. No one told me that I should dream about it that way. But, as a kid, I did what I felt to do.

So, I still remember how happy I was at the church and I am thankful to God for next Sunday at the church.

That’s my first ever known, recorded, reclarified and remembered “Law of Attraction” breakthrough experience. I guess I should have more than this. However, this is one extremely clean and clear experience to present with facts and points. So, I am still thankful to God, my parents and the “law of attraction” to have this straightforward experience. I have many experiences after I learnt to master the “law of attraction”. However, this was an old unconsciously received experience. Even though I didn’t do it that way, If you are new to understanding these things, you better recall any similar kind of crystal-clear incidents in your life. Then it is easy to understand and use it for your benefit.

You need to understand that the “Law of attraction” is one of many laws in the universe. It won’t work like you buy groceries at the supermarket. The most suitable way to describe it is, that it’s a journey and not an activity. You don’t get things like a retail list of products in the law of attraction. It is an outcome of your thoughts, beliefs, manifestations, feelings and speeches.

You become what you think, speak, believe, feel and present. Also, the power of manifestation of each person may not be the same. Watch things and try to align with this thinking pattern and philosophy to enjoy the benefits. Do not take this like a mobile app that you just give the order to get received goods. One day you will feel it like Uber eats, once you align with God and the power of the universe.

If you don’t believe in God, you feel free to focus on the natural powers of the universe. Just think as if it’s the power of the magnet. You cannot see anything physically that makes a magnet attract metals. In the same way, your invisible magnet of inner you will attract what you think the most.

Think, speak, write, share, present, feel and believe in bad and ready to accept bad.

Think, speak, write, share, present, feel and believe in Good and ready to accept Good.

This was the picture that was set on the desktop that I bought first at the moment of purchase. It was a Pentium iii Windows XP computer.






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