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SEO for SMEs

Nowadays, Digital Existence and Search Engine Optimization are two important factors for business owners. What is SEO? Why is Search Engine Optimization needed for Small Business Owners?

Apart from big brands or successful digital businesses, it is doubtful whether most SMEs effectively use these for full advantage. Today, I chose “SEO for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME)” as it is one of the most misinterpreted digital strategies by business owners and service providers.

As it sounds, SEO is integrating your digital infrastructure with Search engines but is not limited to it. Some interpret this as something like a button or switch that we can turn on or a code that we can write to do this integration. But, SEO isn’t that simple. Countless competitors may have similar digital infrastructure even better with the same shared market and search engines.

But how we can do this and what do we need for this? I will talk about those basics, then you can use this knowledge to find a better SEO service provider.

What do you need to start?

  • You need a good website with enough resources
  • You need business on maps integrated with the website and not just Google My Business (hire someone to do it instead of automatic generation)
  • Well-established social media and other digital assets are intact and integrated.
  • It is better if you choose one agency with all capabilities along with SEO.
  • You need a plan that indicates your ROI of the above investments. And ROI assessment isn’t the responsibility of the SEO agency. Most business owners think that digital solution agency has a responsibility for their ROI. It is an internal affair and the service provider cannot do anything about ROI. Do not mix this up. If you don’t have someone to take care of ROI just wait until find one.

First Step

The first step is doing research and setting your targets to achieve your digital existence. It may include your geographical data, customer base & size, competitors, market share and more. It is very important to understand what kind of keywords are going to be targeted in Search Engines. Also, it is very critical to decide the geographical area that you are targeting. When it comes to a specific country or city with a specific keyword, your competition is getting high and the customer range is getting narrow. Depending on the nature of your product and the ability of your SEO consultant, you may be able to find a tricky alternative in Keywords. So Keyword research is also important.

Paid and Organic

Paid campaign needs for short-term and Organic strategies will work long-term. Both are necessary for SEO. SEO is a consolidated package of tech integration with Search Engines, Online Strategic Advertising, product awareness, customer interaction, social media and regular maintenance of all of those.

Paid SEO strategies are helping your business to be visible above organic content in search engines. Average users may not be aware of paid advertising in search engines and are more likely to pay a visit to your digital assets. That’s where the SEO agencies or advertising agencies end their responsibilities and your sales and strategic team take the lead to make a good impression on the customer, make them a buyer or a future customer.

If your sales strategies will leave a good impression on that paid customer, they will come back.

Also, the paid social media ads will increase the brand visibility and motivate the customer to come through search engines to your website to make a call, make a purchase or interact with your asset that enables your sales team to follow them. That’s how a Paid short-term campaign boosts the long-term organic results.

Online and Offline SEO

SEO cannot be achieved solely online. You need a blend of Outdoor and Physical Advertising, Branding and Online Advertising. If your service provider does not know these and they are trying to convince you that SEO is a Plug or Switch or a Code, you need a new service provider.

Physical offline branding and advertising help to build trust among the customers and your website or digital asset on search engine will stand out. So that’s how Offline campaigns link to your SEO outcome. Someone can argue that it is not necessary. However, effective SEO requires all of above components and careful planning.

Anuradha Bernard

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Disclaimer: This article isn’t written by AI nor with any help from AI. © Anuradha Bernard 😀

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