The “Privilege behind every success” theory is a myth

“Every Success story had privileges that no one talks about” is a mythical theory. I found lots of articles, videos and theories that show up many successful billionaires such as Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg had privileges that many people don’t have.

Let me share a few titles that I saw via Google search

  • Privilege is the hidden ingredient for success that we don’t…
  • Forbes 30 under 30 list: Here are the hidden privileges that …
  • The Matthew Effect: How Privilege Shapes Success via Dr. Jonathan Ashong-Lamptey Linkedin
  •  The myth of meritocracy is the popular American notion that if you work hard you will succeed.
  • Success is not just about hard work, its about privilege, networks and good old Lady Luck
  • What I wish more people understood about privilege
  • Can we please dispense with the myth that working hard …
  • Hard Work Pays Off: The Lie We Need to Stop Believing
  • The myth of meritocracy and why privilege is hard to admit
  • Capitalist myth that hard work pays off is crumbling
  • We Need To Stop Perpetuating The Myth Of Hard Work
  • The myth of meritocracy, according to Michael Sandel – harved gazette.

And I can add thousands of articles in rows that explain, teach, and preach that “Hard Work” is a myth and only privileged people can be successful and wealthy. I highly suggest you read as many as stories you need about this and be nearly convinced that Prvilage is the key to success. Because I am going to wash that idea completely with facts and tangible examples.

Leftists ideology

First thing first, you need to understand that this theory always pops up from leftists. Communists, Socialists and all kinds of left-wing people always talk about this idea. Make the next statement bold.

According to them, people who are talented in “outdated” school and college systems should be treated well and privileged, People who are talented in real trades, businesses, networking, finances and all sorts of things in the Real World don’t deserve privileges.

It is an immature mindset. If these immature theories go remembering things, recalling them in two hours on paper, being able to stay 6 hours in a room and come daily to stay that 6 hours are skills. Dealing with real-world issues and becoming winners aren’t skills.

NO. People who can deal with real-world situations and become winners are also equal or even more talented than people who became successful in school. That’s the first step to debunk this false theory.

If you are not privileged, who said you to not become one

Some of the most uniform stories of successful people, they had rich or upper-middle-class parents, and they studied at Top universities in the World. They lived in the United States or other rich countries. They had time, money, support, network, connections, technology and freedom to try and fail.

These are the accusations we get often.

If you were born without any of the above and yet you got a chance to read this article or any of the above theories (either way), you are privileged enough to acquire some of the above privileges. A person born and trapped in a village in Afghanistan without electricity, education, food, water or anything and any knowledge of the current world, can say the above things. Such a persona doesn’t have any positive sign of becoming a billionaire.

But this story isn’t true in the majority of people. Let’s see the statistics.

  • Food (over 90%)
  • Electricity (around 70%)
  • Water (around 71%)
  • Basic Healthcare (around 80%)
  • Basic Education (around 90%)
  • Internet Access (around 60%)

The above statistics are estimated data on the basic needs availability of the World Population. So, it is safe to say that at least 60% of the World’s population has basic needs to take steps. Becoming a wealthy person or pursuing an extraordinary dream isn’t for everyone. It is only a need of a selected group of people.

And we need to keep another thing in mind very carefully. Hard work isn’t a thing in the current world. You need to work smart to reach extraordinary success.

There are two major ways to accomplish the goal. First, you need to identify your position. You can be found in one of these groups. In that case, you need to choose your priorities and desires.

  1. Fully privileged person such as Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates
  2. Some privileged people such as those living in the US, Europe, Canada, India or wherever don’t have any serious war or unrest economy.
  3. An underprivileged person who lives in Venezuela, Syria or West Africa.

Groups 1 and 2 shouldn’t complain much. They just need to develop whatever they don’t have in hand and work hard to develop those. Once you develop yourself to acquire those privileges of good connections and find good investors, you don’t need hard work any more. Afterwards, you just need discipline in management, financing, and decision-making and keep you up on the journey.

Group 3, they have some of the hardest steps to follow. They might need to migrate to another country. Perhaps they should work on hard jobs for years to get themselves ahead in life. Not only that, they might need to make sacrifices in life. They may not be able to graduate before 30, they might not be able to marry and settle down before 35. Even they might not be able to take care of their parents and siblings for some time.

But these sacrifices are necessary for to outcome of the vicious background they came from. This is the exact time when Leftists step in. They will tell me, that people should marry on time despite whatever cause, they cannot live a different life than normal human beings. Why they can not live in their home country and so on.

No. You cannot have the same normal life and be an extraordinarily successful person at the same time. You might need a different life. There is no universal life routine to follow. In most cases, people are falling as they try to keep Goal – Life balance. It might work in some cases. But, probably it won’t work when you are in group 3. Privileged people can manage this as they are born with some stuff in hand. That is an advantage. But it doesn’t mean (as leftists say) Underprivileged people can’t make it through. So, let’s make it bold.

Being underprivileged doesn’t mean you cannot make it. It only means you may have a different path to success compared to privileged people. Let’s not allow Leftists to fool you by comparing “Path”. So, accept that “Path” might be different, but you can make it.

So, the famous lie of leftists “You cannot make it as you are not privileged” is just a path comparison. Perhaps, you have to delay, your College Degree, marriage, dream car, dream home, treating parents and siblings” than privileged people like Mark or Bill. But, your first hard earnings are being spent to get the privileges that you didn’t have at birth.

Privilege of Knowledge

Privilege of Harvard or Oxford knowledge can be obtained via books, academies, online and even internships. If you can work on a blue-collar job and that money is invested in knowledge that knowledge will take you out from a blue-collar job to a better job or a business to earn more money. Perhaps you can do a college degree at a world-class university as the next step from your levelled-up earnings. If you cannot migrate at the moment, you can go to a local college that has accreditation of World class university. So, privilege of knowledge isn’t that hard these days. It’s cheaper than before.

Consider acquiring knowledge and skills are the easiest thing in your journey nowadays. It is not enough to learn about trades. You need a strong knowledge of money as well. So, you better do a course from Robert Kyosaki or a similar figure.

Privilege of Class and Network

When you level up with money and knowledge, you need to upgrade your class and widen your network. As you didn’t go to Harvard at a young age, you may not have a Harvard alumni network. But there are some other things like British Council Alumni if you studied at British Council. Other networking clubs and societies that solely money gain access. Investing in networking and upgrading classes isn’t a common thing among the majority of people. But you have to do what the majority don’t do. People will explicitly tell you that you are wasting money. But, your target requires that spending.

I know people who buy certain types of cars, vacations, products or services to gain access to certain societies. When you forget about normal life, you have money to spend on your growth. You are not abandoning mundane things like marriage, house, parents, siblings and friends. Just postponing.

Once you gain access to certain societies, you will open up doors to expand your career or business easily. You may not open it at your youngest age because of the blessings of your parents. But your own hard-working money should be invested in these non-tangible assets. Because you are ending or you have ended the hard work lifestyle by now to start a smart work life.

If you did see how “Asia’s Richest Man’s Son got married in 2024 and their pre-wedding ceremonies (The wedding is in July 2024), I can give you one example. This is a hypothetical situation. Let’s say you are not supposed to be invited. But, you got a chance from a friend, If you can spend a lot of money, you have a chance to get an invitation. But the number that you need to put a half of your years of savings. And you are certain that if you could go to the pre-wedding, your business connections will be stronger and you probably open up direct and even indirect opportunities because of the PR stunt, I think you should spend that amount to get the chance.

Most of the privileges that leftists talked about above the theory that we talked about at the beginning haven’t just fallen off from the sky. Even privileged people or their parents or their grandparents had spent time, effort, money and connections to gain those privileges. So, privileges come with a price. You should be ready to pay for it if your ancestors failed to pay it in advance.

So, this is the most difficult and complex thing that an underprivileged person should deal with. It is difficult as it is not a tangible asset.

Privilege of Money

Unlike back in the day, financing businesses isn’t as hard as it said. If you have enough courage, creativity and a unique business concept, you have multiple sources including getting investors, crowdfunding, shares issues, equity sales and subscription or pre-paid sales.

However, it is important to finance yourself better before you start as I explained before and you should create a good reputation around you when you step into a startup. In that case, you should strongly avoid those leftist opinions like minimalistic, simplicity and ground to Earth. Those things aren’t working with real people in the real world. You are going to be judged on how you look. So, follow good old-fashioned professionalism all the time from your look, your surroundings and everything about you and your business.


Instead of a long paragraph, I am going to go with a point-form list of conclusions for your consideration. See how much you agree with me at this point.

  • Being Privileged isn’t a sin if you are born so.
  • You are more privileged than you though. Unless you couldn’t read this.
  • Privileges aren’t always impossible to acquire.
  • Being underprivileged might require some additional sacrifices
  • Leftists are just comparing the paths to success and their theory doesn’t prove that you cannot be successful in anyways
  • Not everyone has the vision or interest to be successful. So, the people who have that vision as a solid thing will almost always get the path to reach it.
  • People who just talk about being super successful, take zero steps towards it and they have no right to complain
  • It’s almost impossible to find people who had a strong vision and who took serious steps towards success and made full sacrifices and still didn’t make it through.
  • We are certain about that as most complainers are spending plain old fashion traditional life. So it means they lie about their effort.
  • Learning about money is required and it doesn’t get via school or universities.
  • Some extremely underprivileged people actually cannot make it through (nearly impossible). But they have no way of knowing what the true super success looks like.
  • Most of the people who complain about privilege as a thing that makes hard work cancel are extreme left-wing opinionists.
  • And there is nothing called Hard working on your way to extreme success. Only smart working helps you on your way. Hard work is a thing in general life routine and their working culture.

So, I hope this article clarifies your understanding of the well-known myth of meritocracy. Bookmark this link as a source to debunk this theory when someone tries to discourage you with a “you can’t do it” attitude. People often say “you can’t” because they see something as impossible based on their own limitations. They may not realize that your capabilities and reality differ from theirs. This is why believing in yourself is crucial.

I’ve personally struggled with this issue since childhood. People told me I couldn’t achieve certain things, yet I went on to do them without their knowledge. It was only after hearing these doubts about things I’d already accomplished that I understood the truth: they were simply speaking from their own limited perspective.

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