When you are going to enjoy life? Tell me the exact date

Let’s forget about the SEO structure of this article. This article isn’t for everybody. It is only for a very tiny number of people from the general population. In my theory, it’s around 4% of the population who know they are born special and who need to spend the best, unique and happy life no matter what. Spending the best life isn’t about society framing the best life. It’s about experiencing every moment.

I felt this way since childhood. Our family friends and everyone were so excited about Christmas for months early. But, I didn’t see them enjoy every minute of Christmas Day from the evening of the 24th of December to the morning of the 26th of December. So, what’s the meaning of effort, money and time we spend on every Christmas? Every Christmas, my family spent a lot of money on food, decorations, trips and gifts. But, I didn’t see they enjoy doing those. I didn’t quite understand what they were doing.

When I was at School, my teachers, principal, and parents of other kids were spending time, effort and money on concerts, sports meets and many other events. But, I didn’t see they were enjoying much on those events. As a kid or after grown adult, I went on trips with friends, family, coworkers and sometimes for business purposes. But, I didn’t see they enjoyed the trips. Most of the time they were worrying about getting home on time, or something about in the office or home, or just complaining about things didn’t have or something similar.

The only good thing is after the Social Media Era, people at least tried to be nice in photos to put on Facebook or Instagram. I think those things are really good that happened to mankind.

So, I realized that most of us are waiting for some magical day to appear to become happy. My mom always blame my Father’s mom who happened to be passed away a few years ago. The reason is my Grandma and the Grandpa were really cheerful people who enjoy life. They had parties every week, they hosted the biggest Christmas party in their families. My Grandpa was a postmaster when he retired. So, he worked for Postal Department. As a government servant, he didn’t earn much. However, From my Granma’s side, they had British ancestors. Also, from my Grandpa’s side as well. That’s how I got Bernard’s surname.

So, those people enjoyed their time and they often got blamed for spending money in irresponsible ways. Despite other facts, my mom often blamed them as they didn’t save much to inherit from us as they spent money on entertainment. But, after my Grandma passed away, I realized that she lived her best life compared to my mom. The reason she didn’t leave almost anything to be worried about not doing. She had travelled to Jordan, Israel, Greece, Portugal and Lebanon. She dressed classily until her old age, wore makeup, and travelled every possible tour she loved, going to church every Sunday. Raised four kids. There are many other things that I don’t want to include in this article. Despite the blames, she hopefully rests in peace with zero regrets.

On the other hand, my mom does not enjoy life as my Grandma did. She is among the majority of the World who is waiting for some other day to be happy, enjoy life and do whatever she wants. I tried not just once, but twice and many times to bring my mom and my data on several luxury travels. Even though my Dad wanted to, mom stopped them from happening. So, I always ask her when is your day is coming when you feel like enjoying and being happy in Life. I asked for an exact date, year situation or age that she gonna be happy. But, it is an unanswered question yet. I did everything that I could to change her mind. Yet it is up to her. Until she decide to be happy, she won’t be happy;.

When I carefully researched, I noticed that the majority of her unhappiness is coming from the inside without any reason.

I took my family’s example to give you if you live your life in happiness. We need nothing to be happy if we decide to be happy in any situation.

Between Late 2015 and Late 2017, I had the hardest time in my life. I think I will never have such a hard time again. However, when I recall my Facebook memories, I was trying to be happy and I was trying to be positive. In mid-2017, I could develop two things.

  1. Be with God no matter what
  2. Be positive and motivated no matter what

So, these two things are interconnected. However, I managed to develop these skills. Then my life started to change slowly in a better way. First time in my life, I started to experience God’s mercy and the power of Positivity consciously. Since then, I have overcome many things and I can see my growth. There was no accident or luck or anything. It was my conscious decision to be with God and be happy and motivated in my every moment.

I don’t say every minute we can have absolute happiness. But, when we see through, we will be golden guides of God even when things aren’t the way we expected.

You are just a thought away or a decision away from getting a life that enjoys every moment.

On this website, I write about Positive thinking, Entrepreneurship Tips, Growth Tips, Finance, Critical thinking and more. But, this is just a life experience to teach you how to become happy. Just make that bold decision. Just made it as we won’t be here on Earth forever.

God Bless You

Anuradha Bernard


I added one of the happiest moments in my life as a featured image. This photo was taken in Northern Italy with one of my friend from the Netherlands.

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