Hurry to success | Famous Examples

Lamborghini Diablo GTR 1999 in Aeroporto di Bologna

Is it bad be hurry to do things? As kids, we’ve been bombarded with quotes that pose as wisdom, guaranteed to make you sound wise. But in the real world, successful people often do the exact opposite.

Usually, our society teaches us that being hurry or people who rush to do things, achieve goals, and execute things are bad. So, the recommended method is to execute things after proper arrangements, testing, rehearsals, and trials. Is this opinion completely valid for everything and all the time? What if the idea is partially truth?

Also, the same belief system teaches us not to be so quick to announce things. Instead, we should wait until we are ready and things are properly aligned. However, when I checked some of the characters and scenarios, I noticed that this isn’t true all the time. And I found a few scenarios where these opinions aren’t valid.

As a person who did not believe this since the beginning, I decided to dedicate a separate page on my website to analyze this specific matter with real-life examples. This page isn’t a static article. From time to time I will update this and you may feel free to come back and check later. I will publish when there is an update on my Facebook page.

Apple Electric Car / iCar project is dead

The Apple Car project was one of the most ambitious projects that EV fans and Apple fans were expecting to see. However, in 2024 they announced that they were discontinuing the project after millions of dollars spent in research and development. The problem was, it didn’t hit the market right time. They might not be ready to hit the market when Tesla started to invade the World, but they should have done it somehow. As the world is approaching Hydrogen cars these days, Apple might develop a car. But, they could’ve done it this time as well.

Despite the initial hype and promise of iCar, they squandered their advantage. Even though the majority won’t agree with me that doing such big things in a hurry isn’t recommended, history says otherwise. Let’s see our second example.

Ferruccio Lamborghini

The Lamborghini 350 GT, the first ever Lamborghini was a completely new kind of car that used a newly modified V12 engine, a completely different body type, and a luxurious interior. So, Mr. Ferruccio took a huge risk in a very short period such as 4 to 6 months to do this risky innovation and showcase his new car into the market at the Geneva Motor Show in 1964.

As records suggest, Lamborghini worked with his ambitious vision to do things in a hurry and achieve the new presentation without another year of delay. Even though he did it in a rush, his brand isn’t doubtful at all. At the moment Lamborghini was introduced, Ferrari was his primary competitor with the experience of high-performing sports cars since the 1940s. Before the Lamborghini car was introduced, Mr. Lamboghini tried to partner with Ferarri to build a partnered car brand with two names. After Ferrari rejected the idea, Lamborghini started his work and delivered the car to the show in just 6 months.

Lamborghini had a team of experts with experience even in Ferrari and Maserati manufacturing. However, his hurry to deliver didn’t go wrong as many people believe that rush isn’t good. So, sometimes working in a hurry is better than dying like iCar. Don’t get me wrong, I am a big Apple fan, and yet this project was wasted and I am making my point.

Thomas Alva Edison

The next example is Edison. Edison is one of the most hated people due to being rich, due to being self-promoting character, and due to taking advantage when he his shared history with Nikola Tesla. However, I don’t agree with these theories as Edison did whatever he had to do at that time. And his contribution to the World isn’t small with 1,000 patents. He contributed to the invention light bulb, motion pictures, and many more.

According to the records, Edison was so quick to call up newspapers and announce his achievements despite those inventions being stabilized. One story says, that after he invented the successful light bulb he called news reporters and showed his light bulb. However, he switched off the light after some time as he didn’t want reporters to see how short the light bulb’s lifespan was. However, he made the announcements in advance and made it right anyway. He is the one who invented the right material to build long-lasting tungsten light bulbs.

Despite the criticism he faced, Edison persevered, ensuring he claimed credit for his work promptly. This approach underscores a fundamental aspect of successful business within human nature. Many who criticize Edison’s actions unwittingly engage in similar behaviors in their daily lives. These actions reflect basic survival instincts in human society. A purely humble society, characterized by justice, remains an elusive ideal, never yet realized on Earth. Therefore, let’s move beyond unrealistic ideals and prioritize promptness where necessary.

The story continues and comes back and checks for more. Let me know if you know more.

My photo that was attached to the page was taken in front of the Lamborghini Diablo GTR 1999 in Aeroporto de Bologna that model was a limited edition and only 30 cars were produced. This one is on showcase at the Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport.I was only 21 years old at that time.