Building a bespoke brand or a logo is just more than designing. It required overflowing creative sense and patience to wait until see the right combination. This is not for everyone and it is nearly impossible to please everyone anyway. So, if you are looking for a brand or a logo that last generations long, you are mostly welcome to try out a different taste for your upcoming business.

There are few options that you enjoy when you expect “Anu Bernard” to create your brand identity.


The budget is vary from client to client and the brand output to brand output. We cannot guarantee about the budget and if you really concern about the budget, it is always a better idea to communicate your budget expectation to avoid surprises.

Designing Inputs

Designing is a critical matter when it comes to the way it works. Usually, client will get two options “Freefall” bespoke design or “Pre-set” client desire design.

If you really cared about your opinion on the brand or the logo, it is highly suggest you to come up with some colours, shapes or vibe before starting out the design. Then it goes with the client desire and further changes can be requested afterward.

If you really believe in the designer and you just need the best, you can describe your expectation and wait for the “freefall” bespoke design. Afterward, you will have some suggestions and add-ons that can be changed later. Even you can ask for changes up to 3 designs for a project.

If you are happy with these arrangements, you can send your inquiry to the website and start your bespoke brand building journey. Contact via