Who is Anuradha Bernard?

Anuradha Bernard

Anuradha bernard, is the Digital Travel journalist, entrepreneur, TV anchor, Designer, News Analyzer and a Kite Flyer born in Sri Lanka 1992. He studied at Wickramabahu Central College, Sri Lanka and completed his higher studies at Heritage Television Academy on Television Anchoring and production, Hotel School, Matale, Sri Lanka about eco-culture tourism management, and Mass Media/Communication at Kandy Diocese Media Centre for Media Studies. He started his career as a television personnel at Heritage TV with his intern and join with Rajatha Television (Asia & Australia) Satellite Station as a producer. And he served on that channel as a TV anchor and broadcasting specialist and IT Specialist too.

After that He was serving Health TV which is oriented for Health Industry basis television programmes. Mean while, He was serving to Heal media network on their Online Education Distribution System as the designer of technical system and Academic of the system. Further, He served in United Nation on their reconciliation programme oriented for kids and youth as a resource person. Currently his knowledge of those academic and kids training applied on his co-partnered educational college. He started his own firm in 2014 in tiny level and now He is serving over those Firm and its subsidiary businesses. Since his journalism and media life modernized to freelance type. He is serving in various media productions on freelance basis. Further, his career in media continue via this website to write and spread the news and information titled on Travel & Tourism.

He is testing Innovative media Style which is not tested or introduced before and He believe on his own style.

You can read, watch and experience his works via this website https://anuradhabernard.com

His twitter, facebook, instagram, flicker and youtube too.

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